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Can I enlarge without losing the resolution of the picture?


I am new to the forums and relatively new to GIMP! Lest May/June, I started with GIMP.....drawing using GIMP's brush.

The template's original size that I choose (when opening a new white page/window to start drawing in GIMP) is 800 x 600

My question is, can I enlarge my final drawing (above) without losing the quality of the picture (resolution for example)?

Another thing, what if I decided to print my drawings on mugs/t-shirts ...etc , any idea what size (picture size) is best for better quality result (on the mug, T-shirt...etc)?

I will really appreciate your input. Thank you!



If you started with 800x600 you can enlarge the image (i.e. 2 times to 1600x1200) BUT it won't add detail. The scaling will just enlarge each of the original pixels someway, usually with some type of interpolation, which ends up looking like blurring.

-Rob A>

There's generally two options in terms of scaling up without losing quality. One is to decide what size you want to end up with and work with that size from the start, thus not requiring a rescale at all. The other is to use vector graphics. The downside to this approach is that GIMP has a better set of raster tools (pixel based) than vector tools. To illustrate the difference between the two types, text layers are vector based. They can have the size increased indefinitely without getting jagged or blurred edges. The drawings you are most likely doing, using brushes and the other tools (not paths though, which are vector based) are raster images. They will show jagged edges or blurred details when scaled up to a larger size.

In terms of printing, the best quality comes from having a large original image which can then be scaled down. You'll want to check with whoever does the printing what image size and resolution they want first, then make your image based on that.

What I have learned to do is create the image much larger than what I need and then scale it down. My default image size is 3600 x 2700 at 300 dpi. The quality is very good. I use this size for a standard 8x10 tshirt transfer. For mugs and others, just take the size you need and double or quadruple it to make the initial design. Then scale it down. Try that out and see how it works. It will create a big file at the beginning, but if you've got a fairly new computer with at least 2gb of RAM you won't have any problems.

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