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how to add plug ins and scripts

Are there any tutorials on this subject please

When GIMP installs it will place a folder in your user folder
The folder name is Gimp 2.6 or Gimp 2.0
Inside that folder are your scripts and plug-in folders...
after you dl your new them in that scripts folder
after you dl plugins or python scripts place them in that plugins folder.
Note: you have to have python installed for python scripts to work...there is a bundle package to install that here too...just search python.

restart Gimp after you place any new python script or exe in your plugin folder
That should work for you.

If you want to run Photoshop filters thru Gimp dl the PSPI exe plugin and place it in your plugins folder...restart Gimp, go to Filters/Photoshop plugins path , and when the dialog pops up set the path to your plugins for ok...restart Gimp.

Your adobe 8bf filters should be in the filters list, also you can click help and see the photoshop plugin info.

Hope that helps you. =)

For python installation.
Look for the file locations you need and install procedure
-at (scroll down to "SOLVED: indexprint and binding to pygtk+glade")
-or at (scroll down to installation notes, below the examples)
-or look in the Documentation tab (located at the top of this screen). The latter is a little bit outdated.

Point 8 should be your (python) plugin and point 10 of course 'enjoy your plugin'.

It might have helped if I had told you I am using an iMac. Sorry I hadnt said that. I am muddling along with GIMP but managing to learn quite a bit from video tutorials on podcasts..But so much more to learn. I know about the folder on my iMac but I cannot find a folder for plug-ins filters or scripts. I have GIMP 2.6.10 and using mac OS X Snow Leopard. Thank you for responding to my question.

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