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Filters > Web > Slice plug-in

I am trying to slice my image up using GIMP and have read that there is a tool available under Filters > Web > Slice. I am currently running version 2.6.5 yet when I click on Filters > Web the only two options I have are Image Map & Semi-Flatten...

Is there a problem with my installation? Is the Slice plug-in an additional plug-in I need to find and download? How do activate the Slice plug-in? Is there an alternative?

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Slice is a Python-fu so you need support of Python-fu, see

After installing the python/gtk tools, be sure to re-install the Gimp with Python Scripts enabled. Otherwise this plugin will not show up.

Google it and install it. =)
To install in Windows you need 3.5 and you also need to rename the two files in your gimp bin folder that look like wilbur to 2.4 install the plugins and rename the files back to 2.6 =)

If your gimp instalation in program files isnt named 2.0 rename it to 2.0 and name it back after install also.

it works!

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