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use of <table>..</table> in content description

I tried to include a table (

some stuff

) in my plugin description following the rules of HTML (using the link given on this site) but it doen't work. Even an example given on that page is not working here.

My question: is it allowed to use table formatting?? If yes how......

With rich text enabled, I can see my table formatting working, but in preview, it breaks and displays in a stack order.

Month Savings
January $100

Hi Mahvin,

And the code??

I used the following code, works on my website but not here.

Indexprint usage

figuur 1figuur 2
Default indexprintIndexprint used as a mosaicprint

I cannot get even my code here with the code statement, why????

Scripts Plug-ins
*.scm *.py or *.exe

The code:

The code is the same as I use, I will give it a try again.

Just tried not working, but you say:

As far as I know, as long as I check Full HTML for Input Format it works for me.

I didn't find a checkbox "full HTML" ????

I'm guessing the user options for Input Format is different for me and you. I checked the Administration panel to see if there were options that needed to be enabled. Ingo, or perhaps Michael, will be needed to check and allow those options. I don't have permission to enable that privilege. Perhaps establishing this option for "verified authors" would be ideal in this case, to help prevent abuse from spammers.

Then we have to wait for Ingo's or Michael's response.

I emailed Ingo and directed him to this post.


I have now added the table tags to the set allowed by default, so you should be able to use them.

I'd rather not assign "Full HTML" privileges to everybody just for this case -- it allows a lot of things, such as scripting, which can be exploited too easily.

Thanks Ingo I will try to modify the indexprint v3 page using table tags.

It works !! you can see it on The images are now put in a table.

And copied from contactsheet your request

January 8, 2008 - 14:28 — ingo
... and cool photos, too :) Is it possible to crop all picture to be square, so that the index is regular?

Just look at one of the images

If you want to add cellpadding, etc., check out W3schools at:

As far as I know, as long as I check Full HTML for Input Format it works for me.


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