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Separate+ is the plug-in package that provides some useful color-management functions for the GIMP.

RGB to CMYK conversion / Softproofing plug-in (improved version of Alastair M. Robinson's "Separate" plug-in)
RGB to RGB conversion / Profile management plug-in
separate_import (bonus)
CMYK TIFF import plug-in which generates the pseudo-composite image

Current release: version 0.5.8 released at November 9,2010

To find the older release, please visit SourceForge.JP download page.

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I haven't been able to get this to work, it just says the application failed to load on all three plugins. I am using the 64 bit unstable windows release, however every other plugin seems to work just fine, just not this one.

Win32 binaries of the GIMP plug-ins cannot work with the GIMP Win64 binary.
A lot of 3rd-party plug-ins are provided as Win32 binaries.

I have tried to download the file from but it doesn't work. Does anyone has another link perhaps to a ftp?

it works for me
the download links are in the very bottom of the page

As the instruction says, I installed the .exe files in the plugin section, i also downloaded the Adobe´s ICC.
But nothing happend, i mean i could not separate RGB into CMYK.
For me its obvious that i dont know what to do with the rest of the files that are decompressed, like makefile, makefile.win32, iccbutton.c and others that are inside folders.
Any help? please

If you're using Windows, all you need is the win32 binaries located in the Bin folder of the zip file. (They go in your .gimp-2.6/plug-ins folder.

If you're using Linux or Mac, you need to read the "readme.txt" file for further information. In fact, it has the Windows installation process listed there as well, but you said "nothing happened" so knowing what OS you are using could be critical in getting the right help.

Just how does one go about installing this thing on a Mac? Help is greatly appreciated! :)

It seems there are problems with that plug-in on Mac.
I installed XCode Tools and successfully built e.g. little cms. But when trying to "make" separate+ I received a lot of errors.
Equal to that post:

maybe the tip in the LAST LINE may help

I've got this working under snow leopard. The steps I took were to install gimp2-devel with macports - though this in itself took a while: db46 kept giving a checksum error - but there is a patch for that on the macports site (essentially change the version number in the port file to 4) - and a couple of other dependencies failed, but installing those individually as they happened worked.

Once gimp2-devel is installed you are then in a position to compile the source code for separate+. I found that 0.5.7 still didn't work, but RC 0.5.8 does for me. Final step is to make sure the compiled plugins are in a directory your gimp looks to. And then, hopefully, it should work.


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