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My imagepicker ?????

Observe the following (I'm logged in).

Go to "My account" and you see the following (somewhere at the top):

<my name> ___ View ___ Edit ___ Notifications ___ Track

next: I go to popular content, choose today's popular content and -by accident- I clicked on my name. I see the following:

<my name> ___ View ___ Edit ___ My imagepicker ___ Notifications ___ Track

Why don't I see My imagepicker when I click on my account?? When I click on something else then My imagepicker the tab disappears. The only way to get it back is clicking on my name in popular content! What is the purpose of this tab??

It's just an image loader page where you can load your personal images. The more I check into this, the more I learn. At first, I thought it was for downloading your avatar image, but further investigation showed its more like a photo album and you can form groups and share images within the Registry, etc. Unfortunately, it's not allowing me to save images from my computer so I have no idea why this is the case.

Perhaps, Ingo or Michael may know more about this module. I'd really like to be able to use this. :)

Yes, but why doesn't it show up when I click on 'my account' ???

As far as I can tell, its enabled to the max with the only distinguishing node being "My Account" There are no other "Account" nodes that I can see on the module settings. So, although I have not really answered your question per se, the only answer I can surmise is that there are no other settings to identify imagepicker, within your personal user settings.

Can you upload images?

No I cannot I get an error while saving

But I can add groups and I can modify stats.

After adding a group I'm still unable to upload an image (type jpg or png, xcf, eps not recognized)

I checked all the settings and they were enabled, but it still will not allow me to upload ANY images. I keep getting this error:

"Error while saving information to database for uploaded image."

Ingo should check that the img_id field in the imagepicker table has auto increment set.

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