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Photoshop plugins for GIMP


I'm new here, so let me apologise up front for posting what might turn out to be a question with an obvious answer, or a question to the wrong forum.

I'm a Windows Photoshop user who wants to switch to Gimp. I have Gimp 2.6.7 installed on Windows XP. I've read a lot about PSPI to allow Gimp to use Photoshop plugins, but I can't find PSPI.

Does PSPI exist, or is there some other method of using Windows Photoshop plugins on Gimp for Winsows?



It's hard to imagine that you read a lot about PSPI without finding the plug-in itself. Where and how did you search for it?

Well, Google is my friend, and that consistently gives me the URL

or some variation starting with

but I have no success navigating to that page...

Yes, that's one of the parts of that is currently not available.

I've found here

(See first comment)

* New permanent alternate site is *

It seems so unusual to see so many sub-domains of down at one time. Perhaps they (Tor Lillqvist or should think of extending their downloads to a secondary website.

Everything that's on the FTP server is replicated to the mirrors:

... including the MIRRORS file itself, so even if * is not available, then 'gimp ftp mirrors' returns valid results.

Thanks, Michael for bringing that up. Most of us wouldn't think about the ftp mirrors. I tried to find the PSPI.exe on the ftp and could not. I'll leave my link up at least until is back up.

Thanks - appreciate it!

The op has a point.

This plugin is very hard to find at the moment. Has Tor pulled it out of circulation?

Searching this site has not yielded a working link.

The link given above for Tor's pages results in a 404.
Looking on Tor's current pages on his own site, their is a section dedicated to his gimp contribution. pspi is not anywhere to be seen.

Can anyone provide a link to the current home of the pspi plugin? Failing that, can someone provide a link to an archive ?

If I can't find it, I'll email Tor and ask him if a version is still being provided.

I contacted Tor via email and he responded that he would get back with me in a few days with links to a new site for the PSPI plug-ins and gave me permission to host those files here on the registry.

When I hear back from him I will post those links and upload the plug-ins as they become available. Feel free to get the Win 32 bit version from my website (see comment below).

Tor just set up a permanent alternate site at:

It should be indexed in the search engines in the next few days.

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