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refract plugin under windows?

Can anyone please let me know if the refract plugin ( ) works under windows?
Upon looking at it, it appears to be Python.
I found which appears to show how to set up python for GIMP, but I am kind of stuck there.

Any ideas?

Bump. Still looking. Please anyone, is it possible to run this plugin under windows? If so, how. I installed Python, and got PyGTK working ( ) but I still cannot get the plugin to show up under windows. Help!

What have you tried so far?

Have tried lots. See my post here. Am more looking to find out if it is possible with current versions of GIMP let alone windows. Someone on that thread said that it may not even work with current versions of GIMP. I found that I can do this with Photoshop's Glass Distort plugin, but I would rather have a way of doing it in GIMP so I can put a tutorial up for other people to be able to do it. Ta for your reply
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