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script-fu commands with python-fu

Hello there,

I'm currently trying to create a script using python-fu, but I'm unable to use certain functions and I didn't find any documentation about it. Specificaly, I want to use the script-fu call gimp-file-load-layer as shown in the function browser of the python console inside GIMP.

What is the syntax to use these functions, is a special module required (only 'import gimpfu' so far)?

Is there more documentation about this? The always-recurring link doesn't satisfy my needs, particularly how do you find out calls like 'pdb.plug_in_gauss_rle(...)' as given in the example?

I tried googleling, but I only found versions of the given website.


Arrg, sorry for my stupid question, I finally found out how:
Simply click the "Apply" button in the browser and it will insert a command line like this in the console:

I believe such a hint is missing in the official documentation...


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