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GIMP 2.6.10 is now released.

2.6.9 didn't last long. lol

I did install 2.6.10, but had issues, so I un-installed GIMP completely and then re-installed 2.6.10 and now all's well. Maybe that's the best thing to do anyway instead of upgrading. All my Script-fus and plugins showed up (did back everything up just in case) so happy I am. Even GIMP's main site doesn't show this release yet (neither does Betanews), but found out when I scrolled Sourceforge itself, so not sure what was updated and why. :)

Just curious as to what the issues were.

I've been holding off til 2.8, but wondering if the newer releases would perform better on Win 7.

When I first installed it, the GIMP's main site didn't actually even mention version 2.6.10. Now it does. The link to the changelog is below. :)

For the previous version the issue was a bug when scrolling (that made gimp crash)

Quickly fixed and 2.6.10 include the fix

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