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New to the forum, have some unknown files...

Hello, my first post.

After a long time in analog photo, I've decided to jump in digital with a Nikon D90 and GIMP.

I've searched the WEB and have a (source) folder with GIMP, RAW Therapee and two files I have not the least idea where they came from.
All I know is they have dcraw in the name. Google can't find them!

Any idea where these files came from and how to use them with GIMP?


Tanks, mahvin

Good to know the original site, but I still don't know from which site the files I listed came from - and are good for?

It's just an older open source version of RAW implementation for digital photography. There are even newer apps available, I think gPhoto is the Windows version, there may be others, of which I am unfamiliar with.

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