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I can't get the dds plugin to work.

I've extracted the dowload to the following directory:

C:\Program Files\GIMP-2.0\lib\gimp\2.0\plug-ins

I've reinstalled GIMP (2.6.9)

I've done both those things several times. But it doesn't work. I can't get GIMP to neither open or save dds files. The files I'm trying to edit works in though, but that program isn't usable ;)

Please help me. I've read through the other topics about the subject but they didn't help me.


Answer to "Have you read these": Yes I've read those.

They say "do as I've done" but it doesn't work. I get two error messages from gimp when I try to open my files saying "Error opening file" and "The opening of "C:\Bla bla bla" failed. The dds-plugin could not open picture".

But there are nothing wrong with the pictures, as they work in and it's obviously something wrong with gimp or the plug in because I can't save anything in dds either.

What have I missed?

Ps. I can't reply because the spam filter refuses for some reason.. (I'm new here)

EDIT 2/3:

Tried to attach file, forum couldn't handle it >.<

Btw, what should I do to not be caught by the spam filter on this site when I try to reply?

Edit 4: Tried to update to 2.6.10 but no luck. :( And why can I still not reply to my topic without getting blocked by the spam filter??

Edit 5:The problem with the plug-in persists and I can't make a new account because you can apparently only have one account per mail.. sigh.

Edit 6: Just wanted to point out that I still need help and that nothing has changed.

Bump! Still need help. And I can still not reply to my own topic.. sigh


Outside of having the file(s) you can't open, for me to test, there isn't much for me to go on. I am using 2.6.8. and having no problems opening or creating DDS files. I have no idea if there were changes in 2.6.9. that could be causing problems with the plug-in itself, since I have yet to download it.

Hopefully someone else can offer some insight into your problems.

About the error message:


DDS Image message
Error opening file

GIMP Message
'Opening C:\Users\bla-bla\' failed

DDS image plug in could not open image


Do you have an English version of GIMP?

Have you tried renaming any of the folders or subfolders in the path?
You see, I get this error message if I try to open a dds-file which lives in a folder with scandinavian or other letters/symbols not native of the english alphabet.
This goes with subfolders as well.

e.g, this path will give the above error message:

This will work flawlessly:

Some registry members had to create a second account to get past the spam filter, as well. No idea what the exact cause is, but give it a try. If that doesn't work, we'll let Ingo know.

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