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Help for help about "Gimp help" and where to install it=)

Yeah, I guess the title says it.

There are lots of place where to find help for Gimp. But nothing about where to install it so we would leave the online page alone.
It is sometime CPU slow to have a web browser trying to open in between half a dozen gimp windows opened. And I'm sure that there are some that can easily work with five times as much.
So, how can we get this help in the hard drive please?

Which of them all can be install (manually of course, cause it it would install itself, this topic would never have appeared).

Where (which directory) can this be placed;

is it in "C:\Program Files\GIMP"

or in "C:\Users\Administrator\.gimp-2.6"

or do I miss something here?

Please and Thank You


had same problem, and I suppose so fare you have Windows, here is the answer:

"Note: GIMP 2.6 on Windows does not include the Help Browser plug-in, instead your web browser is used to display the help. You may need to go to GIMP's Preferences, click on "Help System" and select "Web browser" under "Help Browser". "


I suppose you only can bookmark the local link on your hard disc after installing the "Help" and jump to it if required...

every time I download GIMP it says that I have to be an administrator and I don't know how to download it without being an administrator please help me it is for school so yeah. thanks

If the computer you are using has more than one user account, its very likely you are on a guest account, and would require whoever has the admin account to give you permission or download it for you.

If you aren't on a multi user account computer, then it's very possible your machine has more than one account, and the account you are using isn't admin. Either log on to the other account (admin) and download GIMP (give it access to everyone that uses the computer, or change your current account to be the admin.

Another possibility is that you don't have your admin account enabled. See here:

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