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How did I do this? Image converted to small spheres

I made this back in February, and I'm not sure what process I used. Just spent an hour trying to figure out what I did to no avail.

Original Image:

After Filters:

I want to say it was more than one step, but I for the life of me can't remember. It's too bad some of my coolest work is done after a 6pack ;)

Thanks a ton to anyone that can shed some light on what my drunk mind created :)

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Tried posting a response at GIMPTalk, but it's flacky right now. Oregonian came close, but Marble Madness is just too regular. I believe it's GIMPressionist>Ballpark preset. :)

Image hosted free thanks to ImageShack

Yeah, someone just gave me a similar answer on

I totally missed the gimpressionist filter looking for the answer.
I wasn't worried about exact reproduction, so this is plenty of answer for me!

Thank you very much!

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