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Bug/error in counting attachments

Observe the following.

Search on 'contactsheet'

Look at the results of contactsheet especially the last row.

" .....
Plugin - RGilham - Apr 28 2010 - 22:42 - 40 comments - 3 attachments"

Contactsheet should have 3 attachments.

Now go to contactsheet and observe the number of attachments: 1 !!!???????


The other two files were unchecked under "List". I checked them and they are now displaying properly.

Hi Mahvin,

Unfortunatly these two files you unchecked are old and replaced files. Only is correct and should be displayed. So please remove (delete if you can) the two files they are obsolete and I don't maintain them anymore except for v2.12.
The 'original mantainer' RGilham has replaced the files correct (on my request) but I think not really deleted.

But now I now why there are 3 attachments.

Done. :)

Thanks :)

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