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Gap doesnt work yet


I installed Gap with a setup compiled for windows, for gimp 2.6. I have gotten all the extra functions I should have, and if I choose in Filters => Animations => Play, the image plays exactly as I want it to play. But when I save it as .gif image and choose Save as animation, it doesnt work. I get an image which is not only completely inferior to the original in quality, but also just frame 1 and no animation! I hope someone can help me find out what I did wrong!

Ayla Asperger

about quality bad quality of gif is normal because gif support only 255 colors

Solution may be use .apng .that require a extra plugin see

Only other solution will be save as Video

About the other problems first always save FIRST as xcf;then use Save a copy as :: to export as gif or apng or whatever

In case you already did upload the xcf and post a link so we may see what went wrong...

if you saved only as gif ....sorry no way to recover the animation or guess what went wrong
....well a guess is possible gap is more used to animate frames then to do layers based animation; but in that case Filters => Animations => Playback would have no showed any animation...But VIDEO/playback could have showed a animation based on frames

About the bad quality, I understand that gif has limited color range, but I used to have photoshop with imageready and when I made gif images with imageready I had no quality loss at all, so it is possible with gif! Now I just need to know how to do this with gimp. The animation is saved in the .psd file that I made before, with the layers named frame 1 (250ms) and such, so fortunately nothing of the animation is lost. And when I tested it in the animation menu it worked exactly as I wanted it to (again, without quality loss). As soon as I want to save as gif both the quality and the animation are gone.

The difference may be in the way the 256 colour palette is created, and what dithering you choose to use.

Additionally (and I do NOT know if this is the case) the GIF89a standard does let you define a different palette for each frame of the gif image. I don't think gimp supports this, but imageready might. This would give improved results for animations.

For example, here is a single gif image that renders 32697 colours by breaking it into multiple frames each having 256 colours:

(from )

Also, note that you can load this gif into gimp (it ends up as RGB) but you can NOT save it back out again without converting it an indexed image having one palette for all frames.

-Rob A>

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