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Help system

My O.S. is Window XP Home i've installed Gimp2.6 a few days ago every things was working well.

Now i've just installed the GAP and the help refuses to work.
local or web it doesn't work anymore, gimp crashes.

i receive this first message from gimp :
"the help browser plug-in seems to miss in your installation. You can use a web browser instead to browse through the help on line."
Then when i try to use the web browser as adviced in this message it is windows xp home that send me the message herewith enclosed : e56f_appcompat.txt

Please can someone tell me , what's going wrong ?


e56f_appcompat.txt17.57 KB

Hi again OK forget it it was because of that 554646 – Opening Help crashes GIMP with lqr-plugin installed. staying alive
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