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News: Adobe Content Aware Fill = Resynthesizer

Latest Adobe release includes their version of Resynthesizer plugin. Videos at YouTube.

It seems to me that we need to persuade the Gimp project to include Resynthesizer in their distribution. The fact that the company whose name is mud has a Resynthesizer is not a compelling argument, but helps.

If Gimp included Resynthesizer, then the site that distributes the MS Windows port of Gimp would include Resynthesizer. The fact that including the Resynthesizer would help Windows users is also not a compelling argument.

Possibly, Gimp doesn't include Resynthesizer because it has some weaknesses: I have experimented with some improvements to Resynthesizer. One improvement is to make Resynthesizer fill the selection (the target of the fill) starting near the context (near the edge of the selection.) Currently, the resynthesizer fills the target randomly, without any ordering by nearness to the context. (For example, just by chance it might start filling the selection at the center, where there is no nearby context to make the fill match the context.) Whether to order fill by nearness to the context could be an option. Ordering fill by nearness to the context sometimes leads to undesired artifacts in the fill, but usually leads to a better result. Ordering fill by nearness to context still uses some randomness, otherwise undesirable artifacts are likely.

This helps the Uncrop plugin work better. Also, it might help the case where you have rotated an image and want to fill in the resulting wedges at the corners (a popular tutorial, for which many users resort to Filter/Map/Resynthesizer instead of Filter/Enhance/Heal Selection exactly because they want to force Resynthesizer to use a certain context near the target. And it might help the case where you are stitching together a panorama and want to fill in missing chunks at the edge instead of cropping them out. And it helps the case where the context is not homogenous, for example with a horizon extending across the target selection.

The package that Gimp should include contains:
Resynthesizer plugin
Heal selection plugin (the fixed version)
Smart enlarge plugin (possibly renamed?)
Uncrop plugin
A plugin to fill missing chunks at the edge of the image (named ?)
Other plugins to simplify the other uses of the Resynthesizer plugin e.g. texture mapping?

This works best if the person who suggests the inclusion will also maintain the plug-in for the foreseeable future.

Thanks. Thats what I'm considering. I don't know any history about how plugins get included.

I do know the Resynthesizer author has offered to relinquish maintenance, since it is effectively moribund with him.

I also know the Debian maintainer is loathe to include changes from anyone other than the author.

(Also in the package should be the Fill Resynthesized plugin, a nice tool.)

Quote"I also know the ***** maintainer is loathe to include changes from anyone other than the author." -

I hope that will not stop you

Also because It seems a weird attitude for GPL
, modify the source code to resurrect and mantain a moribund plugin should be incoraged, (if ,obviously the condition of GPL are respected)

And since i am sure you will acknoledge the author and mantain the old and the modificated source code i can not see any obstacle

If works well would be the Debian users to ask for o provide binary (in case you may compile only for other OS )
Or if you may compile also for Debian or Ubuntu that may be a good start even if would be not ( immediatly) included in the official distro

what is relevant is that a package should be easy to be found Googling for
"Resyntesizer gimp debian" or "Resyntesizer gimp ubuntu"

For windows there is a few people that may help for a Windows binary.

I would really like res. included in gimp...and yes with all the scripts integrated, but that anyway require a first step:
the plugin fixed

(that is also my selfish hope ...don't let resynthesizer die, )

Resynthesyzer is well integrated with another plugin of the same author ,Texturizer
the 2 plugins are synergic , each enhance the potencial of the other
would be great if both would be maintened

"integrated" at least registering all of them(Resynthesizer,Texturizer; and all the Resynthesizer Scripts) in the same "tResynthesizer" submenu

Texturizer is buggy in Windows but still works 70% of the time. Both these gems hopefully will be continually maintained. GIMP 2.8 is just around the corner and I would be hardpressed if these plugins no longer work. :)

What would be the next step in getting bootchk the support he needs to maintain Resynthesizer. I, too, hope that Resynthesizer does not die. More importantly, I hope there is something more we can do to help bootchk beside rely on wishful thinking.

What would be the strategy to making this all happen?

QUote "What would be the next step in getting bootchk the support he needs to maintain Resynthesizer ?"

A improved ,even if beta version of the plugin to confront with the older should be a very good argument in favour

The situation is normal, his attitude is correct. I said he is the maintainer but he is the builder/responsible party for the Debian distribution, which also leads to Ubuntu. He shouldn't take changes from anyone other than the downstream source, the author, else it would just get snarled.

The author is still the official maintainer, and seems to have included changes by others over the years, but is looking to relinquish control.

Well I was looking today at whether I would have to buy a C compiler for MS Windows. I might be able to compile for windows using gcc. Then I fired up my old Windows 98 computer and it still runs. So I might be able to track down the bug on Windows, which so far I can't reproduce reliably on Ubuntu.

why buy a C compiler?
MinGw+ MSYS should do the job
..But win98 may be well too different from 7 ,Vista or even XP, is not even sure that gimp 2.6 will run on win 98
Or maybe somebody has suggestions for crosscompiling, i believe you get more chances building for 7 ,vista or xp in linux then from Win 98,and testing on win 98 will not be of much help..then would be better test in Wine

PS i didn't want criticize the debian maintener at all my point was different :
when and if the plugin would be fixed then the dicussion on its distribution may have more ground and the matter seen in another prospective

In other words debate of the distribution of a "new improved version of a good plugin ,of a a new version that may be tested in the real word"
may leads to different conclusions then if debating of "hypotetic changes to somebody else plugin"

OK I was joking about Win98. That is the last version I used (but I used it until 2007) and I now have WinXP running on another machine.

Yes, I saw minGW and will try that. Thanks for reporting your experience with it.

So far, I have tried to reproduce the bug reported on Resynthesizer version .18 for Windows, using the Apollo11 image and rotation (see the other thread Resynthesizer Strangeness.) So far, I haven't seen it resynthesizing with garbage. But it does fill the right wedge much darker than I would expect, and it gets darker toward the right edge, and it doesn't make a clean horizon, which is something I think might be fixed in Resynthesizer. I will keep trying to reproduce the bug. It would help if someone could confirm that filling the right wedge with darker than normal IS the bug that has been reported, or tells me another image and sequence of steps that reproduces the bug, at least some of the time, if not for all attempts.

I use Resynthesizer quite a lot for a variety of reasons. My only beef with it is that it's quite slow. I'm sure Content Aware Fill is much faster and Adobe does use GPU acceleration technology too (GIMP was toying with this a few years ago with a Summer of Code project but it never got started). Still, all of these things just gives GIMP more goals to achieve which can be a good thing (I'm sure it's never dull on the developer's side). :)

I actually spent some time trying to speed it up.

One thing that speeds it up a little is a change to stop its iteration when the number of pixels changed tails off. The way it is now, it iterates a fixed number of times, for most users, probably too many times since the results of the later iterations are not noticeable I suppose unless you enlarge the image.

I also futzed with the vectorization of the innermost loop. It does not vectorize (for MMX, SSE in the CPU not the GPU, automatically vectorized by the gcc compiler.) I didn't have any success and don't have high hopes.

Never considered the GPU. Seems like it would not be portable. (Does GEGL use the GPU?)

I have no much hope to see resynthesizer included in Gimp with all the related scripts
But i do really hope that the plugin will find a mantainer, as now seems a miracle that still work

I will suggest to modify the registration path ,as example from Filters/Map/ Resynthesizer to Filters/Map/ Resynthesizer/Resynthesizer, to allow the scripts as entries of same submenu

as example changing from Filters/Map/ Resynthesizer to Filters/Map/ Resynthesizer/Resynthesizer,
will allow scripts path as
Filters/Map/ Resynthesizer/Heal Selection ,
Filters/Map/ Resynthesizer/smart enlarge
and so on

PS i too would like see a renewed Resynthesizer included, just a fear that the point to preserve the core code as simple as possible may prevail
But for sure a renewed version of the plugin (quicker ,with less quirks and hopefully a more clear GUI )will get more chance to get in

What is cheaper ?

spending hours and hours of getting this plugin to work inside gimp
With all kind of versions of Gimp scripts and plugins
It worked only once so far a second time same image it stopped

Or just spend a few bucks.

i will go for the later, to me that is cheaper.

Therefore puts it out of financial range for a lot of people who can't afford $600 to buy it outright. Those who work with graphic design for a living, a different story.

I reverted back to the .13 version to get Resynthesizer working (at least for texture fills and heal selections). It's still far from "perfect", considering how long its been sitting on the shelf without any maintenance, whatsoever.

Version .16 isn't working on my Windows, it keeps taking the fill from the top of the image.

agree it isnt a few bucks, but if i had worked my job in the same time i could buy it.
That doesnt mean i have a great salary It means it takes an awful lot of time to make it work.
I've given up on this story going back to regular programs.

The only solution i think is if someone just zipped his entire working gimp program folder
Preferable a gimp on stick version so there is no registry problem.

I know this is kind of late, but if you check that video, the date is April 1.....

-Rob A>

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