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Installing plugins


Can any one tell me how to install plugins?


I would also like to know how to installplugins. For example .scm files in gimp running under Ubuntu Linux, specifically watermark.scm. I have read what there is on plugins in Gimp help and what I could find here that mightof use. But no joy.

scm are "script" no plugin and same can be used in windows as in linux or mac just create a new folder where is handy for you call as "extra-script" (or how you like ) and from gimp Edit/preference/folder/ script add the path from that ok and when you want add more script put them there same you may do for plugin brush, pattern,gradients...

First, thank you for your reply and help. I followed your instructions and something did seem to happen. But when I went to the location where the tool is supposed to be after installation, "Script Fu", sadly no new folder and no tool. (Path given being ScriptFU/my scripts/watermark.) Added. Eureka! Sorted it!Thanks again for the help! Confusion caused by the split screens-sorry but ! do not like this aspect of Gimp having come from Paint Shop Pro.

i do not understand the part on the split screens (?) but i am glad that worked

Sorry-I meant the 2 floating parts-tools and workspace. I have since downloaded v2.6 on my Window$ comp-I am slightly more comfortable with it- but years of Paint Shop Pro are hard to forget.
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