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.ps trouble

OK, everyone knows that in order to view PostScript files in GIMP for Windows you have to make the environment variable for GhostScript. I did that, and tried copying the proper ...\bin .exe file into my \WINDOWS directory. But it is still giving me the same problem, with the error message that says:

Encapsulated PostScript image Message
Error starting Ghostscript. Make sure that Ghostscript is installed and - if necessary - use the environment variable GS_PROG to tell GIMP about its location.
(Failed to execute child process (Invalid argument))

GIMP Message
Opening 'C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator1\Desktop\' failed: Could not interpret Postscript file 'C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator1\Desktop\
What went wrong? other .ps files don't work either.
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I had to physically add a system variable (not a user variable) leading to the gs executable. If you follow the last comment and its suggestion, it should (hopefully) work fine. At least it did for me.

I've got windows xp, and I already tried the system variable, and user variable, and both. No luck though...

An XP nerd wouldn't copy arbitrary exe files to the windows directory, though :)

What's the value you've set GS_PROG to?

I set it to:
C:\Program Files\gs\GhostScript 7.41\bin\gs-whatever-c.exe

Have you also tried installing GSview?

I don't like shareware though...besides, it's just not the same as GIMP. Although I have tried it.

It's the viewer for GhostScript, and my viewer opens in GIMP. It's FREE, not shareware.


7.41 is a rather old release of Ghostscript.

fixed. solved.
instead of ...\gs\gs8.71\gswin32c.exe it should have been ...\gs\gs8.71\bin\gswin32c.exe.
Sorry for the trouble.

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