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Have trouble downloading Scripts

Every time I try to download a script I get this and not a download screen. How do I use this? Where does it go in the Gimp files? Please let me know someone. This has never happend to me before. It only does this for the scripts that I try to download not the plug-ins.


I know where to put them. What I want to know is why when I click on the link to download the script it sends me to another page with all the info that I posted here in this post. Another think that gets me is that when I go in to the C:\\Documents and Settings\Username\gimp\2.6\, there are no files for the plugins, scripts or any other folders that need to be there. What can I do about that?

Apparently you're not familiar with handling the two types of files. Clicking a file (or link, as you put it) to "activate it" isn't how it works for GIMP scripts and plug-ins. The only reason you would need to click a *.scm file is to open it to see the code to make edits to it, etc. You shouldn't be clicking .exe files (plug-ins).

The goal isn't to click on .scm, .exe., or .py files. The goal is to SAVE them to an appropriate folder designated by GIMP in order for them to work when selected in the GIMP menus.

Again, you say that when you visit your GIMP folders, they are empty of scripts and plug-ins, and that is because you aren't SAVING the files to the proper folders. I suspect you are trying to click them (as links or files) and the actual file is opening, and as a result of clicking it, you're seeing the code for it.

Visit the link in my first reply again, and view the Jing video, then perhaps you'll understand what I am trying to tell you.

I think I might not be saying this right. So let me try again. When I click on a script on this website to download it, I get the code instead of the box that pops up for you to download it.
Did I say it right this time. LOL

I understood you perfectly fine. You want to SAVE the file. Even if by chance you click the link and the file OPENS with code showing, you still need to save the .scm file to the appropriate GIMP folder, but make sure its saved as a .scm file and not a .txt file. (Depends on what editor opens the file, and on a hunch, I am assuming that notepad is opening your files) If notepad is opening the .scm files, then when you browse to save the file to the .gimp-2.6/scripts folder, make sure its saved as "all types" under file types.

When saving the file it goes to c:\Users\\.gimp-2.x\scripts folder

Thank you for all your help. Can you tell me where I can find the Layer Effects Photoshop plugin and the plugins that are here on this site?
Thank you agian

The layer effects I am aware of for GIMP is:

Thank you so much. You have been very helpful and I thank you for that. I know I was a pain in the butt and I am sorry. By the way my name is Kim. What is yours?

Not a problem, Kim. You're welcome.

--->Mickey<--- but everyone calls me Mahvin (Marvin with a Boston accent)

Are you from there? Boston that is. I am from Florida

The Registry is really more oriented toward GIMP scripts and plug-ins and not so much general conversation. It would be considered rude for me to carry on a conversation using the Registry's help forum. However, for those who permit private contact via the forum, you can send me a message through my contact link (accessing it by clicking my Username here in the forum).

Thanks again, Kim.

I have downloaded Quick Sketch which is a script for
the Gimp. Saved it on my computer but when I try to open it "Windows" says it's not a valid file. Wants to send me to search on the web for a file to open it. What do I do?

What OS are you using? How are you trying to "open" it? (Explain what you mean by "when you try to open it").

Unless you're editing the .scm file (which you shouldn't be needing to do at this point) you don't need to be "opening" the file, it just needs to be saved to the GIMP script folder, refreshed in GIMP and selected via the GIMP menus.

Marvin ... Please excuse my lack of computer knowledge... I am senior citizen and not very computer literate.... I I do not know how to get it into the GIMP

Can you access this link:

It has screenshots and a video that you can watch about the scripts that will explain and show you how. If you need more help after viewing the link, let me know. Contact me via my contact info in the Registry by clicking on my name.

thanks ... I'll give it a try...
I should say that I am using windows XP.....

Mahvin... I don't think I have the right program to use this .... I cannot get the screen up that you show when I right click the actual link. I did get "Save target as" in place of "Save Link as"and managed to down load it that way, but it came into my computer. I saved it in Documents & Settings, with the name I use on my computer\.gimp-2.6\scripts. but I do not know how to get it into Gimp! I should say that I am using the free version. Does that make a difference?
Sorry, but I cannot find the registry that you told me to click on your name....

You are using XP and my video is Win 7, so its a little bit confusing at first. But if you read the information on my blog, you'll read what I say about Windows XP. GIMP is free, period. There is no GIMP version that you buy.

The Registry is here, where you are posting these comments. Our usernames are links to our contact information. Everybody has their name connected to their post if they are logged in. Otherwise its anonymous.

Screencast bandwidth issues caused me to load videos to YouTube, the new link can be found here:

Thanks Mahvin! This really helped! I got Quick Sketch into my computer and then into the Gimp Scripts file. Opened up my image and found Quick Sketch in the browser, then into the filters under artistic and it's working just fine!
Thanks for all your help. A picture is worth a thousand words to us Seniors! Sometimes it takes a while for it to sink in but I am a very determined person. and always try to finish what I start!

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