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Howto open DICOM Files with GIMP

once upon a time Gimp was able to open DICOM files
nowadays nope
is it still possible to get Gimp into doing so?


when was..which version ?
and what is your OS ?

was said till 2008 April
using Ubuntu 9.10,39801.html said:

* fixed handling of the "antialias" tool option (bug #521069)
* when loading a TIFF image, always set a filename on it (bug #521436)
* fixed initial state of curve type in Curves tool (bug #523873)
* fixed potential crash in the Dicom load plug-in

Just looking for this plug-in

The plugin is still there at least on windows

So open Gimp go to File/Preference/Folder/plugin to see where is the directory of your plugin
You should see there a "file-dicom" entry..if not there may be something wrong with your install

if is there try with a different file

If still doesn't work start gimp but from terminal in verbose mode, try again and report the output to the gimpusers mail list
(PS. offer a handy way to contact all the gimp mail list:there look Forum>gimpusers

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