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Replace "Active Forum Topic" with "Active Topic"

Search recent comments using the "Recent comment" list is a bit awkward for me
(I open each comment in a tab to browse quick..but then the problem is that many comments often regard the same topic, that means wasting time to open and wait the loading of several tabs showing the same page)

Since the Forum is not too active, and the post there are few i will suggest to replace "Active Forum Topic" with "Active Topic" list

That will include not only the active Forum topics but also the plugins that received recent comments

A Alternative may be a different view of the recent comment :
for Topic (with the Topic being a forum topic a new Plugin , or a recently commented plugin,) instead then as now for the first words of the new comment

Might as well make it Topics in general, across the board (plug-ins, forum, page) meaning whatever topic that is active gets placed in the active topics list.

It is exactly what i mean...(Active Topic= Whatever is new or "Activated" by a recent comment) expressed more clearly

Ingo, schumaml what your opinion ?

My opinion is that Ingo has not yet provided others with the permissions to change blocks (I've even tried to access the blocks URL directly ) :)

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