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Gimp will not open

Gimp has suddenly decided to stop opening. I've been using it for about 6 months but as of yesterday it will not load. When you click on it it begins to act like its going to open something but then nothing happens at all, no error message just nothing. I've tried restarting my computer but it still wont open. I'm at a loss and not the least bit computer savvy so any help would be greatly appreciated!!


What are your specifications? Operating system? GIMP version? Any error prompts?

Have you tried uninstalling GIMP and downloading a fresh copy to install?

I am very new to Linux so you will have to bear with me...
the operating system would be ubuntu 9.04. gimp version, is 2.6
There are no error prompts. You click to open it, it starts thinking for a split second like its about to open it and then nothing happens.
I have not tried uninstalling yet.

Have you tried starting gimp from the terminal command line?

Open the terminal (Applications - Accessories - Terminal) and just type in GIMP, then enter. Let me know what that does.

I tried that and it says,
bash: GIMP: command not found
(and i tried lowercase and that doesn't do anything (no command not found response) just goes to the next line)

sudo gimp

It should load with warnings.

You can also check the Synaptic Package Manager under System - Administration, type in GIMP in the quick search box and check and see if there are green boxes checked for GIMP, and note the version it says that is loaded, if it is.

Thanks- had the same problem, but found the solution there!

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You may want to report this to Ubuntu. A sudden (and partial) uninstall of the GIMP package is certainly not what they intended with any change, even if they're not shipping it on their CD images anymore ;)

The box is green but there is no check mark in it, and it says version 2.6.6-Ubuntu 1.1

There is also a green box next to gimp-help-en, installed version 2.4.1-1

i clicked the green box for re-install and it went through the motions, downloaded some stuff and said it was complete...still doesn't open :(

I would uninstall the older program before reinstalling a new one. You can uninstall using the Ubuntu Software Center - Installed Software. In Terminal type this and post any messages from it:

gimp; echo "Exit status is $?"

Are you by chance using a different theme in Ubuntu, other than the default it comes with?

i did the uninstall and then reinstalled and everything seems to be working again :) thank you guys so much!!!!! i can't tell you how appreciative i am.

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