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GIMP help for Ubuntu user

I am a complete noob at photoshopping but I have this GIMP on my operating system and I would like to fiddle around with it, maybe do some political cartoons using images. Thing is it all look likes gobbledy-gook and when I try to play around with it I get nowhere. When I click User Manual under Help I get this message:

The GIMP help browser plug-in appears to be missing from your installation.

So, I come here and enter "help browser plug-in" in the keyword search and get absolutely bupkiss. I try variations on it but no solid hits. Where is this manual?

I do a lot of tinkering around off-line so I would like to download this help manual to peruse at leisure without being connected.

Thank you for any help you can give.

Do you know Synaptic? (In System/administration/) well open Synaptic click "search" icon ,type "gimp help" and you will see a list of gimp-help packages one should be in your language, check it, click apply, give your sudo PW (same that for login in your computer) press "enter".... never understand why gimp-help is not included as default, help for a advanced graphic editor as Gimp do not seem something "optional" but strictly needed. Do no miss the context help ,when you pass your mouse over a tool or menu, F1 (or Shift+F1) will open the relate page of the help

Thank you for your help. Cheers!

Go to either Adept or Synaptic and enter GIMP as a search criteria. Select the GIMP-Help-En and install. Re-launch GIMP and your on-line help will be available. IndyTim

Go to Edit/Preferences/Help System/
Change the web browser to "yelp %" (Without the quotes)
Then change the help browser to "Web Browser"

I figured it out from this post. I have Ubuntu 9.10, GIMP 2.6.7.

I have the gimp-help-en package installed already. In GIMP, I went to Edit > Preferences > Help System, and changed Help Browser > Help browser to use: to Web browser, and I changed Web Browser > Web browser to use: to "yelp" without the quotes.

Now when I hover over a menu item that says "Press F1 for more help" and I press F1, Gnome Desktop Help opens up looking at the correct article. Yay!

Just to make sure: has anyone reported this to Ubuntu yet? It's not really useful to discuss and make wild guesses guess about this here, at least.

Ubuntu bugs are tracked in launchpad:

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