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Simple surface blur/bilateral filter.

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A surface blur filter based on a simplified version Porikli's O(1) bilateral filter.

Unfortunately due to the nature of the algorithm memory overheads can be severe. This filter uses a tile based implementation, which limits overheads to about 64mb.

On the plus side it is reasonably fast and scales well with filter radius.

When installed it should appear under filters->blur->simple bilateral

There is a mercurial repository which will be kept up to date with the latest code on my web site. This can be accessed with:

hg clone

A windows binary is now available, courtesy of François_C.


8 March 2010: Added readme file, authors.txt and build time config options.

simple-bilateral_win32.zip17.12 KB
bilateral.tar.gz265.39 KB
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I built a Win32 binary today.
You may download it from here:
and add it to your post as an attachment.
So we shall avoid multiple posts about same plugins.



were any code changes required, or did it build cleanly?

It built perfectly cleanly. I only had to add CFLAGS =-s and LDFLAGS =-mwindows, and I stripped the .exe in order to get an even lighter code.
Please, don't try to automate Windows compiling. Everything works like a charm.
NB: My first name is François, not Françoise;)

I can't type or spell :)


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