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Sprite sheet maker

Hello, I've been searching around for a while now looking for a script I can't seem to find :(
I was wondering if someone could make a .scm script that will take a single sprite, and make it into a sprite sheet of rows and columns, turning and flipping the sprite appropriately so it would form a sprite sheet? Obviously, this would not finish the sheet, but it would help me a LOT!
Also it would be nice to be able to make it from a row of frames, so that I don't have to go back and change each sprite, and possibly finish the sheet :).
Thank you!

Could you provide more specifics? What manner of turning/flipping is to be done? Should the sprites be on separate layers? Can you provide an example sheet?

They should all be on the same layer, I tried posting an example sheet, but it triggered the spam filer >.>
It should be 4 rows of 4 sprites each, facing up, then left, right, down.
EDIT: Fixed, here's the example sheet.
mute arrow 4 mmorpg

The following script is not too elegant, but it might do the job.

Command is added as "Filters->Map->Sprite Sheet"

Sprites MUST BE perfectly square -- otherwise, the script does nothing.

If the width of the active layer is the same as its height then the layer is assumed to be a single sprite.

If the width of the active layer is four times its height then the layer is treated as a row of four sprites.

Thanks a lot!
The only problem is the perfect square, it's workable, but I'd prefer if it could be any size within reason ;).

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