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Please Help Me Get Gap

I've never added anything to the original gimp, but now as I am wanting to create more animations I stumbled on a tutorial about this thing called GAP. I did a search that led me to deviant art, but I'm sure that I did something drastically wrong because I ended up with a ton of error messages. Could someone directed me to where to download a current Version of gap and dumb down how to install it to Gimp. I would truly appreciate it. Thanks.


well i uploaded GAP on my Deviant Art page and i know it works could you tell me what exactly went wrong? Note that is the version for windows xp or vista and require gimp 2.4 installed and has included (in the imagine comment and inside the zip) all install info ahh..a last thing if you use the portable version of gimp some tweak are needed to install gap (i.e 1 create a new empty GIMP-2.4 folder in program files, point the gap installer there. then copy what you will find in the plugin folder of the fake gimp 2.4 folder in the plugin folder of gimpportable repeat for the script folder (move content in the gimp portable script folder in both case copy what inside the folders NOT the folder.) but that only to install on portable version to install in gimp 2.4 or even 2.5 should be no problem, neither is required any tweak a doubt you know that to use a GAP plugin you should search it in the Gimp Video menu and NOT click on the plugin file ? PS included in the zip there is also a very good step by step tutorial on how to use GAP
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