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Ingo is absolutely right. Better organization is needed.

Not to be disrespectful, but all of the plug-ins are just kind of thrown in a "pile". A rating system would be good. It may not be perfect, but I usually find that a system that identifies trends helps me personally find things that are more useful to me. Maybe add the option to list by Name, Date, Rating, Author, # of times downloaded, get the idea. I don't think that using tags is very helpful, at least not to me. I only signed up today, but I have been using this site for a few days. I decided that I really like GIMP and find it to be an excellent alternative to Photoshop. Not to mention I like the mentality behind open source software. I actually read the entire Photoshop CS4 EULA, and they just go on and on about what you can't do with their software. I don't know how to express in words my dislike of the mentality behind things like that. Anyway, I kind of deviated from organization, but I would like to see a little more professionalism behind this site. It has a great idea, its just when a person like me who just started using Gimp and is unfamiliar with this site comes to it, it is a bit much. Some people here are probably familiar with most of the content here and can keep up with it, but to me its an avalanche of filters that I have to sort through to find what is useful.

I know what I propose will be a bit more difficult that what Ingo has suggested, but I'm sure there are plenty of competent people around here capable of making the change. Another idea, instead of listing the filters/plugins on the left followed by tags in the middle, I would suggest replacing the tags with a small description of the filter in question. There is a lot of prime screen real estate that is simply wasted on the same words over and over again, and to get a description of the filter, I have to physically follow a link to another page to see it. It would save me quite a bit of time if I were able to browse through all descriptions at once, and like I said, listing the tags is just a waste of valuable screen space anyway. Presumably you would know what the tags were anyway because you searched for them (I know this is untrue in some instances but I am just trying to point out the flaws in this system). If this is something that seems feasible to the developer of this site, I would be glad to offer any assistance I can. In fact, I would be glad to offer assistance in any needed area. It's something to think about, and surely you all can see the flaws in the current design. I would argue that there is also no need to list the file name where it is currently listed. Since one is required to follow a link to the download page for every filter anyway, it would seem that said download page would be a more logical place to show the file name.

One more suggestion. I think a "Home" section should be added to the links at the top right. After a person leaves the initial site "" the only way to get back is to use the navigation toolbar. A link to that page would be a simple and quick way to get back to the beginning (Sorry if it already exists, but I don't see it anywhere). The logical place would be at the top right with the rest of the links.

Anyway, Thanks for reading my suggestions (unless you didn't. In that case disregard my thanks until you do)

The home link one is easy: The heading ("GIMP Plug-In Registry") is a link.

As for the rest of your suggestions: Yes, that's going to be a bit harder ;-) Part of the problem is figuring out what to do by default and what kind of customization (and thus, work) to delegate to users of the site. Frankly, I can't do it all by myself and even though a few people now help out with many aspects of the site on a daily basis, re-organization is something different. Drupal has quite a few interesting modules which could help with running the site in a more collaborative fashion, but someone has to try them out to see which one would fit. The move to Drupal 6 will ease this, as such things are a bit cleaner there, and we'll check out a few things over the next weeks and months.

This post is missing comments. The date knives posted this was Jan 15th. I recall replying to it in great length, but don't see the comments here.

That's really annoying. I have no clue why the comments are gone. This must've happened during the switch to Drupal 6. I'll try and go look at the database sometime, but it may take me a while.

I wouldn't worry about the comments. Knives now knows the circumstances and that efforts are being made toward improving the site.

I enabled a few new views on the front page -- check it out, maybe these will be better for browsing.

As per Knives' suggestion, I also tried enabling a rating view -- there is a fivestar rating on every plugin page. It did not help at all, though, because everything is thrown together and the different could not be seen very well. I guess we need to provide the rating as an additional field with the other views, so that you can browse by type and sort that according to the ratings or something.

The thing is, Drupal has an excellent module for custom views -- you can filter to your hearts content, display an arbitrary selection of the node's values in various forms (list, grid, teaser, full, etc.), add arguments, so you can offer several similar views with different content, and so on and so on.

This could also give us ideas where we don't have necessary data yet -- when there is a sort or filter criterion that you would like missing.

However, at the moment I cannot really experiment with that too much, because it's too time consuming. If others would like to play around with it, let me know and I can arrange that.

Sweet, glossary is a nice add.

Popular content, this addition is a plus, too. It helps us determine what's getting the most attention.

I guess I should start voting, but geez, I love ALL the scripts and plug-ins (poor GIMP takes a while to load, hehe).

I would love to see a category for Scripts and Plug-ins requests so that its readily available for those who like scripting and compiling. That way the requests don't get buried and are easy to find.

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