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Focus Blur won't install

I have been trying to install Focus Blur on Windows 7 (x64) in GIMP 2.6 but can't get it to work. When I start GIMP, I get the following error:

"The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b. Click OK to close the application."

After clicking "OK", GIMP starts correctly, but Focus Blur is not present. I have installed focusblur.exe in the plug-in directory as instructed. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

Did you extract the focusblur.exe and then check the plug-ins folder to see that it was actually in the plug-ins folder? What usually happens is that when these files get zipped by the author, they include the path hierarchy and that same path gets "extracted" along with the file.

First check the folder "lib", sub-folder "gimp", then "2.0" then finally "plug-ins" and you will find the focusblur.exe, left click and drag the *.exe file into the root "plug-ins" folder. You can then delete the lib folder, it's no longer needed.


I decided to leave a note on this particular post in case someone new reads it and misinterprets what I am saying.

When people extract zip files (thinking that only the files are being extracted) often times folders get extracted along with the files. So if you happen to notice that a particular plug-in or script didn't show up in GIMP, go back and re-check the GIMP plug-ins or scripts folder to see if there are new sets of folders included from the extraction from the zip files.

I really don't know why people zip files in folder hierarchies, I've never understood the point in doing so.

because in theory, if you unzipped in the right directory then the unzipper will work as was a smart installer placing all files where needed

In theory because in practice and on Windows many unistaller used with default settings will ,silently, avoid to overwrite files and so will fail to install correctly the plugin

That may be avoid by checking and in case changing the preferences of the unzipper, should be allowed to overwrite
(It is no so obvious that "Overwrite" may means add new files without overwriting or deleting nothing at all

That or just extract the files somewhere and move them manually in the right folder(s)

I can make sense of the theory, say... if the "average" user had a grasp of (un)zip archivers settings in advance. However, I do not believe that the average user pays much attention to what the (un)zip archiver settings are. For the most part they just "unzip" a zipped file without much attention to what is going on behind the scenes, and because of that, they fail to recognize (from the start) that sub-folders have also extracted along with the file(s).

Consider that many of us tell users to extract or unzip or upload a script/plug-in to a "specific" folder. We leave it at that, thinking everything is understood and all is well on the planet. The average user, IMO, learns this the hard way, pretty much like I did.

So, without any assumptions or being overtly critical of the "theory" behind it, I can only say the benefits are pretty much hidden to the average person unzipping a zipped file. Much like painting a beautiful picture and then storing it in the attic. We never see the beauty behind the practice.

Perhaps this sort of information should be placed in those readme.txt files that no one ever reads. (My crude attempt at humor) On a serious note, I would have to say that if creating zipped files with sub-folders archives is to become a standard practice when zipping, the least the author could do is "enlighten" those to this practice. Knowledge spreads once it's seeded.

I fully agree but the problem here is again that basically MS consider its users idiots to that may do harm to their selves , that make trouble and then ask refunds

and so very "Safe" setting are often used as default by most apps , and that is safe because erase any risk to overwrite files (and then complain)
It is not only very safe ,maybe also very dumb because install will fail, or will be harder but priority is "safety " ,and that is safe

I had it extracted to the plug-ins folder with all the other included plug-ins. I read up on the error code and found it to be a compatibility error so I tried changing focusblur.exe to be XP SP3 compatible. This allowed GIMP to start up correctly, but it does not show up in the Filters menu anywhere (checked under all the sub menus). I also tried in Vista compatibility mode, but it gave me the same problem as before (the error message). Don't know what else to do.

It shows up under the Filters/Blur menu.

Out of curiosity, are you using the Windows binary file or the Linux file? Just asking, because people do try loading Linux files on Windows, and vice-versa.

Just in case, the Windows binary version is here:

Yes, that's the file and link I used.

What graphics card are you using with your computer?

It's an NVidia GeForce FX 5600. It's a little old but should be able to handle the Focus Blur plug-in; at least I think it should.

I had a suspicion that your initial error could have been due to your video/graphics card, (application failing to start) but I have no idea why the focus blur plug-in isn't working/displaying.

You could try putting it in a folder by itself and then point to it in Edit/Preferences/Folders/Plug-ins and see if that works or not.

In any case, I would recommend that you update your drivers on the NVidia card if you haven't already done so.

I finally got it too work. The issue was that the file was "Read Only" after the extraction. I unchecked the "Read Only" box and moved it to the appropriate GIMP folder. It started correctly.

Thanks for everyone's help. Feel kind of stupid considering the solution. Again, thanks for the help.

* Nevermind - didn't realize that it was still in compatibility mode (Focus Blur does not produce an error while starting, but isn't anywhere to be found in the GIMP menus). Doesn't work again.

Got it to work. Problem was I was using x64 version of GIMP. I had to switch to the x86 (32b) version. Hopefully, they will be able to address this issue in future versions of the x64 version of GIMP.

I had to uninstall 64 bit GIMP on my Win 7, it crashed too often. You might discover 32 bit GIMP freezing up on you from time to time, especially if you leave it running on your machine for long periods of time. Be sure to SAVE your work and often.

With regard to:

I have been trying to install "plug-in name" on Windows 7 (x64) in GIMP 2.6 but can't get it to work. When I start GIMP, I get the following error:

"The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b. Click OK to close the application."

I wonder if the problem is caused by a 64-bit GIMP trying to execute a 32-bit binary in the plug-in. Not all plug-ins contain binaries but I've noticed that the plug-ins that do contain binaries seem to run into this problem.

I've had very good luck with the 64-bit GIMP (2.6.8) under 64-bit Windows 7, never a crash or unusual behavior - until I started trying to install plug-ins that contained binaries.

After uninstalling the 64-bit GIMP and then installing the 32-bit GIMP my plug-ins worked normally.

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