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My Python-Fu scripts works with Gimp and Windows but not with Linux !?


[Sorry for my English, I'm French]

I have python-fu scripts wich works with Gimp and Windows, but not with Gimp and Linux Ubuntu 8.04.

On Gimp-Ubuntu 8.04, I see the [Exts/Python-Fu/Console] menu, and the Python instruction like "import gimp" "dir(gimp)" works in the Python console, but when I open an picture with the following script :

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
#!/usr/bin/env python
from gimpfu import *
from gimpenums import *

def decouper(inImage, nLargeurTexture, nHauteurTexture):
print "Hello"

"python_fu_decouper",# Nom de la fonction
"/Python-Fu/Decouper en rectangles...",
"RGB*, GRAY*",
(PF_IMAGE, "inImage", "Input image", None),
(PF_INT, "nLargeurTexture", "Largeur texture", 256),
(PF_INT, "nHauteurTexture", "Hauteur texture", 256),
menu="/Python-Fu/Decouper en rectangles...",


... I don't see the [Image/Python-Fu] menu in my Gimp Pictures, why ?
I works on Windows.

I try to change the charset (UTF-8 / Latin1), ( LF / CRLF) , but nothing change. I put the script in my "\home\me\Scripts_Gimp" folder and I put this path in the Gimp plug-ins preference, but I don't see my scripts ! Very strange, no ?

Can you tell me how can I install this Python script for Gimp-Ubuntu ?



Did you set the executable permissions on the scripts? If not, type this in the shell: chmod +x

Yes !!! It is the solution. My "py" files haven't the execution permission. (I have wrote .py file for Blender and they works without this execution permission) Thanks a lot !
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