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Gradient Bevel problem

Hi, I'm having probelms with the plugin Gradient Bevel (Filters->Alpha to Logo->gradient Bevel).

I have a picture that I want to look 3D, and Gradient Bevel seems to give what I require - ie Bevelled edges, gradient colors and a light reflection ... BUT the gradient color nearly totally overwrites my picture, you can just makeout a dog's head in this picture. (see attachments)

How can I get this plugins great bevel, light reflection and gradient color without overwriting my picture


I'm using GIMP 2.4.7, I cannot find any details for the plugin.

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Try Bump Map instead. I don't have Filters->Alpha to Logo->gradient Bevel. That does not give you some options to tweak? Well it looks like it is doing a Bump Map for you, and if you use Bump Map you will get lots of controls!

To use Bump Map begin by creating a new layer:

  1. drag-and-drop the color black into the new layer
  2. select a circle and keep the diameter in mind
  3. right click the image -> Select -> Feather
  4. fill in a number that is a little smaller than that diameter, the diamter minus 10%
  5. drag-and-drop the color white into that select
  6. click on the image, but outside of the selection, to deactivate it
  7. click to activate the layer with your image
  8. right-click on the image -> Filters -> Map -> Bump Map
  9. select the New Layer from the drop-down list
  10. Set Elevation to about 5.4, Depth to 3, and play with the Ambient
  11. OK
Maybe that will help give you more control.

Your "gradient Bevel" command is a plug-in or built-in if it is under the Filters menu. So you probably can't see what it is doing (unless you get the Gimp source package).

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