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Help with filters

Hope you can help me here!

When i updated my GIMP 2.4.x to GIMP 2.6.7 the "Alpha to logo" just disappeared.
I can't find it anywhere, can someone help me to find it/ tell me how i can add it.
With GIMP 2.4.x it just was there =)


That;s exactly the same problem I have had and was looking here to find an answer........but nope!

Just a hunch, but check and see if both GIMP's Program Files script folders (C:\Program Files\GIMP 2.0\share\gimp\2.0\scripts) and GIMP's User folders (C:\Users\YourUserName\.gimp-2.6\scripts) are listed.

If not, add the missing folder to your Folders in Preferences.

Let me know if this helped.

i think they do not search "alpha to Logo"
BUT the "LOGO" scripts that were in a toolbox menu !

They are all in File/Create/Logo

"Alpha to logo" script instead do not allow to chose font type, font size, ( they need instead a pre done text on transparency, or a selection )they do not create new images and are still in the same place then before (Filter/Alpha to Logo)

Alpha to Logo scripts do allow you to use pre-determined font and existing layers that you have already created and selected, whereas the File-Create-Logos scripts create the font and layers for you. Having the Alpha to Logo scripts enable users to work on their own font and layer images, which is why I think many authors incorporated them into the overall scripts.

In a nutshell, they are still handy to have and use.

What perplexes me though, is that "if" those same scripts are listed in in the File - Create - Logos menu, they should also be showing in the Filters menu under "Alpha to Logo" because most of those scripts have duo registers.

My initial thought when responding to this post was that the users weren't finding the Alpha to Logo scripts listed in the Filters menu. And if that is the case, those scripts with duo registers shouldn't be showing in the File - Create - Logos menu, either. If a duo registered script shows in one menu shouldn't it also show in the other menu as well?

Yes sure you are right

I think to a confusion because the "Alpha to Logo" script were never moved , but the Logo script were moved into the File/Create menu, and for some reason the new destination , even if logic, seems very hard to be guessed

BTW for that bundled in Gimp usually is the same script from same author in the same file that contain 2 different flavours, one that require a image open, and apply the effect in a zone delimited by a selection or the transparency, and another that will instead create a new image

a example may explain better , have a look to "glossy.scm"
only 1 file but 2 version of the script with 2 different menu registration paths,

It seems close to the impossible that for several scripts only half of the file get missed, and always the same half

Agreed. That is what I meant by "duo registered". Authors created two sets for different purposes, with which I also agree with you again, makes for some serious confusion for users looking for separate files when in fact they are only one file, with two different (as you say) "flavors".

Somewhere along the line, GIMP scripters and programmers need to form a community standard on how best to approach registering scripts with the GIMP menu.
(I realize the difficulty in this task, but its needed in the worst way).

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