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How do you deselect a selection to get rid of the marching ants?

The Photoshop methods don't work and often the 'unselect all' function under 'edit' in GIMP is greyed out and yet the ants keep marching on!


Good question. I had the same dilemma, but eventually figured it out. In the GIMP window, click on Select>None. Or, on the computer keyboard, Shift+Control+A.

I am using GIMP 2.6.2, but it should be similar with other recent versions. 


With photoshop it is exactly the same, Crl+Shift+A. BTW nice "marching ants" First time i've heard it referded to like that. Also, magic wand is replaced by fuzzy select and select by color, which is the vierson that selects every single one of that color on the screen. EDIT: Random i know but it put me through a loop when i first tried photoshop.

Layer menu

Anchor Layer

This will unselect the floating selection

do you want eliminate the marching ants or the selection ?
Wiew_show selection may toggle in out visibibility of marching ants

Select /none eliminate the selection

If greyed out, or there is not any selection or you may have a "floating selection" then do NOT anchor but add a new layer
(anchor will merge down, you may not like it )

But is easy confuse selection border will layer border, if you see the contour but nt marching ants is something else

To fix that View/ layer bonduary

You have to anchor the floating selection. Control-H

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