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Stippling /dotting / halftone plugin?


I'm trying to create a single line drawing from pictures. This can be done with with a mathematical procedure that connects x,y points on a grid, so that no line intersects another, this is a result of choosing the shortest possible pathway . This has been done before and is called TSP (Traveling Salesman Problem) art.

What I need is a method of producing the discrete points from a picture. Possibilities are some sort of stippling or halftone plugin. After making the dotted picture I will program a method of converting these points to a coordinate file, then the TSP problem will be solved and the solution will be converted to a SVG file that draws the solution ( the single line drawing)

Does anyone know a plugin that produces dots or points from a picture, or something similar?

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I found that applying a dither before using the Paint Bucket pattern fills, actually improves the quality of the "hedcut" look. I found the Ximagic Gray Dither plugin located here:

Download at:

Should have read this thread more closely. It was the reason that I actually started my other thead. Have you actually started coding a method that turns spots to coordinates to feed that into Concorde by chance John? If you need a beta tester, let me know. :)

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