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new data-center

We have just moved the GIMP registry to a new data-center. If you notice anything odd after the move, please let me know in the comments!


Again is possible to hide links in comments ,and immediately spammers pop out again to post their referral hidden links.

IF you think better allow again similar links at least please, make in a way they are automatically underlined, so easier to spot and delete

Underline is good also for make more visible the "good " links

From my previous message i deleted 3 spam plus i removed the links from other 2 suspected but not certain spammer

Before was rare more then once in a day

In my opinion, regardless of the number of posts a member might have, it only takes one post with spam links to make them a spammer.

If the links they enter in their posts have no relationship to GIMP (plug-ins or scripts), I delete them. I also take into consideration the timeline of membership, most spammers are always brand new members and the content of their posts are either duplicitous and vague (or direct copies of other posts).

I have other thoughts regarding this but will not air them on the Registry. If you want to know more, feel free to contact me via my email address in my profile.

I just signed up I got this MySQL warning message:

user warning: Unknown column 'extra' in 'field list' query: SELECT cid, filter, style, status, scan, extra FROM spam_custom WHERE status != 0 ORDER BY weight ASC in /var/www/includes/ on line 174.

Just thought I would let you know :P

Thanks for the note! Fortunately, no harm is done. Its a bug in the spam module. We're still running Drupal 5 and the spam module for that version has not been updated since 2008.

Now that Mollom works fine again, we could maybe disable the module, but I'll think about that for a while ;-)

I am back to being flagged as a potential spammer for any post that contains a link, having to enter the godawful unreadable mollom captcha. Not sure if this is related to the server move, or more of mollom hating me...

-Rob A>

It might be possible, although unlikely, that one of your posts were flagged inadvertently (long time ago) with Mollom, thereby triggering the captcha, more recently.

It's just a guess, since I have no idea how Mollom tracks users (username or IP?).

Hopefully Ingo can resolve this quickly.

Rob, this is not due to the move but due to the "Edit"-problem. For that, I had to re-enable the old inline-href capability, because otherwise every old page was broken. Unfortunately, it also makes spam harder to detect. To compensate for that, I activated captchas even for logged-in users, so that spammers who manage to fake an account have to go through a new captcha for every post and/or comment.

I did not expect that the captcha would appear for every post that contains a link. That just goes to show that one should not expect things...

However, we have a way around that: There is a "verified author" role, which we assign manually and which will make the captchas go away. This is still experimental and will only be assigned manually. Unfortunately, we can't check everyone automatically -- you wouldn't believe how many spam accounts are registered each day!

I will add you now, though.

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