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transparent backgrounds

How do I create transparent backgrounds. Have tried saving as png with save background unchecked?
Any help much appreciated


You first need to make sure you have an alpha channel on your working layer (the old GIMP sort of defaulted to this when you created a layer above the base layer, but no longer in the newer versions of GIMP). What you do is go to the layers dialogue box and right click on your working layer and do the Add Alpha Channel option. Now create the transparent regions as you like and then save it as a PNG file. :)

Thanks for a rapid response will give it a go. thanks

Have added alpha channel to working image but can't figure out how to select transparent regions! Sorrry for being thick!

Do you have one layer or several? If you have a solid background on any layer you will need to remove it by selection or mask. For example, if you have a sphere image on a white background, but only want the sphere visible and the rest of the image transparent, you'll have to create an alpha channel, then either using a mask or selection tool, remove the background from around the sphere. By adding the alpha channel, this allows the background to have transparency, but it does not make backgrounds automatically transparent.

Thanks again for your help. I have a single layer image on a white background whish I want make transparent. I have added an alpha channel and then use the foreground select tool (lasso) this then changes to a paintbrush which appears automatically the tutorial said to paint on th eimage you wish to retain and then the background turns blue then I'm stuck! I have tried the colour to alpha tutorial with no luck but feel pretty close!

When using the Foreground select tool, what you need to do is select the foreground area first, sort of similar to using the free select tool around an contrasting object in an image, and then when you close the selection (the background turns blue, as you mention, there are 3 color choices in your tool options menu) then you need carefully paint inside the area that isn't blue (still using the Foreground select tool), pressing ENTER when you are done. This will create a foreground selection, which you can then invert and delete the background.


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