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Split Studio 3

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Split Studio - is a powerful script for tone image's areas (light/dark) into two different colors (split).

Current version: v3.0r5 (June 19th 2012);
Legacy version: v3.0r3 (For GIMP 2.6 users);

Status: supporting


  • Spliting edge control (offset and sharpness)
  • Tone opacity control
  • Source image preserve
  • Merge output into one layer (by default)
  • Affect on contrast (optional)
  • Work with visible support
  • Source mask defining
  • Sublayer desaturation

Revision #5: Now it is Split Studio v3.0r5

Now Split Studio has native GIMP 2.8 version.

Split Studio still supporting...

Note: files with "rus" postfix is a russian localisation.

Code License: 
GIMP Version: 
Scripting Engine: 


Just change one letter from SpliX to SpliT

No name conflict there. :)

I will think of it. Thanks.

Second update with undo/rebo bugfix.

First update for SpliX v3.0 released!

SpliX v3.0 has been released!

Thank you all for kind words.
BTW the new version of Splix is nearly ready (v 3.0). New release will be on this page at February (or very close to end of January).

best regards

As an "old-school" photographer (darkrooms and chemicals) I used to use different combinations of papers, developers and chemical toners to achieve decent duotone photographs. Although this plugin doesn't have the smells and sensations of the aforementioned methods, it produces similar results very quickly.

I've used other digital duotone methods before but none have managed to maintain the tonality of the original as well as this one. I will use it frequently.

Thank you spoilt_exile for all the hard work.

Yep, there are other ones out there however split is pretty decent....I like the output very much.

the documentation is easy to read but complete,

often good scripts and plugin become hard to use for incomplete missed or hided (as in the frequent case is included in the code as comment lines) documentation.


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