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G'MIC : GREYC's Magic for Image Computing

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The G'MIC plug-in for GIMP proposes a set of various filters to apply on your images, including artistic effects, image denoising and enhancement algorithms, 3D renderers, etc.. It is a quite large plug-in, integrating a lot of different effects.

This plug-in is able to :

  • Propose an image preview window for each available filter.
  • Manage multi-layers inputs and outputs. G'MIC defines filters to compose layers or create animations from static images.
  • Update his list of filter definitions from the Internet, so it is able to improve itself over time.
  • Allow any user to add its own custom filters in it, written in the G'MIC language interpreted by the internal image processing engine.

G'MIC has been written by the author of GREYCstoration, a GIMP plug-in dedicated to image denoising and smoothing. All former GREYCstoration algorithms have been improved and integrated into G'MIC.

Latest version of G'MIC is numbered :

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A quite complete overview of available image effects can be seen on the official G'MIC plug-in page.

gmic4gimp_win32.zip1.42 MB
gmic4gimp_linux32.zip853.62 KB
gmic4gimp_linux64.zip797.15 KB
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Thanks Mahvin,

It should have been corrected now (just 'Refresh' your filters).


Much appreciated.

Be expecting a postcard because I think G'MIC rocks!

Thanks again.

Bummer. All my filters in G'MIC work, except Cartesian custom. I don't feel like repeating everything again, but to condense and the error states:

Filter processing error !

Message returned by the G'MIC engine :

*** Error in ./ *** Command 'gimp_custom' : Command not found.

Using Win 7, GIMP 2.6.8, and default settings. The plug-in was not updated via G'MICs UI, it was downloaded to my local machine. My apologies for the accidental delete.

I'm very happy to announce the release of the version of the G'MIC plug-in for GIMP.

This is an essential release, since I've done great optimizations in the code that just makes things running faster than ever. So everyone using G'MIC should update to this new version, because it gives really a more pleasant user experience.


This is a great set of filters! Thank you!!

I followed accordingly to the instruction by extracting it to the plug-in folder... and nothing happens.
what is the gmic_def1333???
Can guide me... tks!

I just upgraded G'Mic and manually created the new filters definition for it, but its not working. My first question is: Has the function been disabled in Windows versions?

The instructions are to place the def file in either your Home or AppData (Application Data) folder. On Linux, it works just fine. On Windows, however, is a different story. I moved the .gmic_def.1332 to almost every folder (including my home and appdata folders) and it still fails to work.

I did search for the solution, with no workable results.

Maybe now you should replace the binary with the lastest ,
Gmic is under constants and fast development.

And last changes may require to update not only the filters with the update button but also the binary

so i suggest you to download the 1.3.3 version , that is also much faster
on this group you may find new of last update in almost real time

I thought I had the latest, according to the update on G'Mic itself. I don't see a newer version on sourceforge, am I missing something?

Yes, actually the has been released yesterday with a great improvement in terms of computation speed, so it is worth trying it.

Concerning your problem, does G'MIC display an error message or something ?

By the way, I've just tested the network update on the last windows version without any errors...



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