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IS GIMP compatable with Windows7 64-bit?

Is GIMP compatable with Windows7 64-bit?

I just ordered a new laptop 2days ago for the soul purpose of having more ram, a faster prosessor, and a dedicated graphics card, so I can fully support the movie animation program iClone4 PRO. GIMP is indespensable to me for the processes required for customizing avatars,props,backgrounds, pretty much everthing. Not to mention everthing else I use it for. If I have to I will downgrade to vista OS to keep GIMP, not just because it's free but because I've been using it on a daily basis and am very comfortable with the interface and it meets all my needs. Otherwise I would have to shell out a bunch of cash for a highend program like Photoshop, deal with the learning curve, and more than likely, all the features I use in GIMP won't have an equalivalant in the new program. GIMP is defenatly worth paying for a downgrade to keep, but I really hope it isn't nessasery

Any news on this issue would be greatly appreciated


I will suggest to reserve some GB for a linux partition

You will have NOT to "learn Linux" to use gimp on linux, just login as on win, then call gimp from a desktop icon or from menu as in Win..and will work as usual nothing to learn

And no risk..before install linux on the HD you may test as live CD,
(obviously from live CD gimp will be slower, but you will see that there is no difference in using it)

Ubuntu is said to be the most user friendly distro, and to be most adapt for who is used to Windows

Just chose a 64 bit version


Then the bad news
There is not a 64 bit version of last stable gimp for win , neither a version truly tested on 7

Is true that was a experimental 64 bit version of gimp 2.6.6 but i will be prudent there:
the standard gimp 2.6.6 on Windows had some serious issues that made almost unusable,and very unstable, is possible that the 64 bit version share the same issues
And anyway was not tested on 7

On the other hand on Ubuntu at 64 bit gimp should work as a charm

If is mostly for use Gimp you will need just few GB of HD space

I'm going to try installing Gimp into W7 and see if I can work with it , though the possibiblity of having it freeze up when I try to save is fairly disconcerting. Creating a Linux partition is beyond my experiance, I've never tried running two OS's on the same laptop or desktop. How hard on the pc will it be to run two operatating systems simultaneously? Is it difficult to get them to interact with each other? When installing iClone it automaticly seeks out local graphics programs and integrates the one of your choosing into it's self. If I have to use the programs seperatly It will seriosly hamper my work flow. Will there be a way to connect them? I'll have to do some study on this before I attempt it.

Thanks for your help and time

Why should freeze when saving? for sure is not a commune problem

About install linux ...well is not hard at all
you do not run 2 OS have a chose at soon the PC start loading

from linux you may access to all document images and alike you have stored in windows

there is also a linux program called wine allowing to use most ,if not all, windows sw on linux

instead then "study" you may just experiment a live will not install nothing (at least if you do not explicitly ask , and confirm several times ) and in case of any problem you may click
"exit" extract the cd and reload the PC

Hey PC; think I'm the instigator for this issue. Have to admit though, for the past week, GIMP has been behaving quite well for me. I did finally reboot Win7 a few days ago and that may have fixed the issue; who knows. Hopefully the freeze issue won't show its ugly face to me again. lol


I've experienced this issue also. I lost a couple of hours of work one time because it froze up while I was trying to save. I have found that it happens most frequently if I have GIMP open for a long period of time.

I recently reformatted again and I haven't decided if I'm going to reinstall GIMP or not. I am very comfortable with GIMP and definitely don't want to buy Photoshop or re-learn how to use it. I hope the next version of GIMP will be more compatible with Win7. I'm sure somehow it's all Vista's fault.

thinking better i had similar problem sometimes if letting gimp open but inactive while using other programs

I suppose that doing something else innocuos (as changing active tool ) may help to get gimp again on focus ..then save

The problem seems something hard to replicate and to me appeared very seldom, always with gimp inactive for a lot of time

No idea if may be a gimp bug or something wrong in Win, i had that in xp in 32bit so may be not related to 64 bit.

I ran mine in XP service pack 2 and it worked. I have a 64bit Windows 7. Just go2 compatibility issues and say it ran in a later version. Select Windows XP SP2 and run it.

I've been tolerating the issue, but you convinced me to change the setting for GIMP to compatibility mode XP SP2. Will see if I get lockup stalls. Hate the nag (could fix, but will keep it for now). :)

Forgot that I posted this. This setting did not stop the freee issue so I set it back (hate the annoying pop-up each time you launch the program in compatible mode; lol). Oh well; maybe GIMP 2.8 will fix these weird issues in Win7 (they did not occur (or extremely rare anyway) when I had XP). :)

Yes; GIMP still sometimes freezes. You and PC might be on to something; I tend to keep GIMP open for long periods of time since I have so many brushes and PS Compatible plugins (GIMP plugins too) that it takes quite a long time for GIMP to boot. Sometimes, even if GIMP itself doesn't freeze, that a component within GIMP (like selection options) don't work, but I can still do other things. When I see this weird behavior, I know that I better save my work and then restart GIMP. :)

I find that sometimes certain menu options won't be available to use when it freezes, but I can still use the tab + alt to move through the menu instead. At this point, like you said, I save my drawing, close GIMP and re-open it.

Haven't tried Alt/Tab; next time I'll try that. I'm just glad it's not just me. Wonder what the issue is with GIMP 32-bit and Win7 64 (only reason I'm still using GIMP 32-bit (well reasons) is that PSPI won't work and many of my favorite GIMP specific plugins won't work either (I tried; lol). It's also what is still recommended despite have a 64-bit OS too. Wonder how 2.8 will be w.r.t. compatibility and also will the freeze issue be resolved. I just wish I new what exactly is causing the stability/freeze issue, but appears to happen almost randomly and does not happen all the time. I got reemed for posting at Buzilla so I won't do that anymore. Maybe somebody else will. :)

Not least not till will be clear how to replicate.
i believe that gimp after long break may loose the focus so if you hit save just don't know what is the thing i to be saved (a image, a layermask or what else) and go in some endless loop

but i am not willing to post suppositions on bugzilla

If you have the outrageous RAM requirements to run Win7/8 properly..

Then you might be happier with Mint (Ubuntu) Mate or Cinnamon. There is also KDE, but I am die hard gnome [world domination]

Consider it a more polished release. When will windows be compatible with GIMP? who knows.

Alternatively install Ubuntu or Mate and run Win 7/8 inside Virtual Machine ;)

USB3 flash usb drive is the 'best' way to live demo a distro.

I've recently installed GIMP 2.6.7 in a Windows 7 64 Bit Virtual machine (in oder to reproduce a reported bug), and didn't discover any obvious problems (I could not reproduce the bug, either).

There is somewhere a 64 bit build or you used the standard?

I installed Win7 64-bit when I got my pre-order the same day that Microsoft had it's big launch. Anyway, GIMP 2.6.7 installed fine in Win7. The only issue that I've been getting is occasionally (and I can't duplicate it) GIMP just freezes (when I click on a drop-down menu, such as save as mainly). The only solution is to close and then re-open GIMP. Haven't really been rendered SOL, so I will wait til 2.8x to be released since maybe it might actually have native 64-bit support (I can wish can't I; lol). :)

This is a new discovery and I posted this at GIMPChat too. I just recovered over an hours worth of work (I know; should have incrementatally saved) with a glass sculpture that I've worked on to much relief. What I did was right click on the GIMP taskbar icon and chosed the close all Windows option (been using Task Manager to end the locked GIMP). Well, it actually unfroze and asked I wanted to save my work. I canceled the end task and all was recovered (thank God). Just wanted to share this for those who have Win7; if your GIMP locks up, maybe this could be a last resort/ditch effort to save your work. So happy I am. :)

Not as castostrophic of a loss, but this trick didn't work on another edit I just did. Oh well; back to the drawing board. lol


I had problems with Gimp freezing on WIN7 so I added a Linux (Mint) partition as suggested and it works fine on a new Dell PC. Its a pain having to switch to Linux but it works.

I have windows 64-bit ultimate and i have had no issues at all with it yet. I have been using it for over 2 weeks. I dont know if it helps that i have 6 gigs of ram and a just built top of the line pc but it cant hurt.

I am not using it in vmware or a linux partition just windows 7 64-bit ultimate.

maybe its just my current setup but my gimp loads in 4 seconds flat. I still haven't had any crashes maybe its something on his machine interfering? I wouldn't try to use gimp on anything less then 4 gigs of ram though it would run hell slow.

@ original poster what specs is the machine your running? because you essentially told us gimp crashes and hangs. Which leds me to believe its your computer being abit old.

First of all let me say I have Windows 7 64-bit, and I have been using Gimp for a long time now, however it does glitch, and takes forever to start up, it does work.

However there is an installer now that has 64 and 32-bit versions of gimp in one installer, it automatically detects which one you have and installs it. It is considered an unstable release because it hasn't had as much testing yet, but I've been using it, and it seems to run great, it starts 4 times faster (not exaggerating, my 32 bit version was taking FOREVER to load, and sometimes it would just freeze), and it runs all the tasks very fast. Also the 32 bit plugins still work on it just as good. I haven't been using it very long, but it seems to work great, and if you are having any problems running the 32-bit version on Windows, I would highly recommend this one. However you might want to note that the installer will automatically remove any other versions of gimp on your computer, and you can't seem to stop it, not that it should matter.

Here is a link to the page (just the windows gimp page):

It is at the very bottom under ADDITIONAL PACKAGES.

It should be a 64 bit version of 6.2.10, and it comes with everything needed to run python plugins (haven't tested that yet however)

Hope it helps

yes it works fine on win764 bit, just flickers sometimes it cud be problem in os possibly

I have found a possible fix for the freeze and shutdown issue.Right click on your GIMP icon and select troubleshoot compatibility.Run this wizard and when it asks you if you would like to save the changes,say yes.GIMP performs perfectly from there.The only drawback I have found is that it doesnt seem to run my dark theme.Still waiting on better info from the GIMP team but this has things up and running well.Please excuse my lack of proper terminology as I am an artist with no programming experience. PEACE

I actually tried compatibility mode before (XP SP2) and hated the pop up each time I launched GIMP. Then, it froze on me so went back to regular mode. lol

Not sure how GIMP 2.6.12 will work; so far I've not noticed it freeze, but I'm sure it's going to be buggy too. Just save you work every few minutes and all will be well. :)

I have installed Win 7 64-bit on my PC a while ago, downloaded GIMP 2.7.5 64-bit from, then added GIMP 2.6.11 (gimp-2.6.11-i686-setup with bundle gtk-2.12.9, pycairo-1.8.10, pygobject-2.24.0, pygtk-2.24.0, python-2.6.msi - all 32-bit versions). Needless to say, you have to install 2.7 64-bit in Program Files and 32-bit GIMP 2.6 in Program Files x86. I use Photoshop plug-ins a lot, but PSPI manager will only work in GIMP 2.6. - one of the reasons I have 2 versions of GIMP on my computer 2.7.5 64-bit and 2.6.11 32-bit, both running flawlessly and faster then ever! (note,you can't run them simultaneously) I tried to install more recent versions of gtk and python but it didn't work. My advise here - try to re-uninstall your current GIMP 2.6 and Python using exact versions mentioned above. You might want to get GIMP 2.7.5 64-bit first, which is, by the way, a very reliable build by Partha! Highly recommend! It should work.
Happy gimping!

This is the fix I used and it is the best.
Install Ubuntu 11 beside windows and you will have full working Gimp in its intended atmosphere!
You probably will even find some free software in the ubuntu software center that will work to replace your movie editing software... I know there is some, just not sure what features you are looking for. Ubuntu is where its at though, I would recommend trying it.

Yes it does work in Windows 7 64bit. I am using Windows 7 64bit with Explorer alongside Arch Linux 64bit with Gnome. Gimp was built mainly off the C programming language and GTK+. When you have you system correctly configured, you can do the same things in either M.S. Windows or a Linux distro. Occasionally you might need the additional software. A person does not have to download a different operating system to use GIMP to its full potential. This question is over two years old by the way.

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Caution: Open source means persons are permitted to see the source code. Et cetera. The owners do not necessarily give the right to alter, extend and et cetera. It does not mean free. Always read the license terms before you use any software programs. In a court of law you will be held liable for your actions. If found guilty (most likely) for violating their terms of use, high fines and imprisonment could follow.

I'm very surprised this post is still getting comments. When I received my laptop ( 3-4 weeks after my original post ) I
didn't have any major problems using GIMP, so, I didn't think to post an update. Though I do have some of the problems mentioned below. On rare occasions Gimp will freeze and the startup time is very slow. I've just tried the 64 bit installer.
I don''t think it fully installed, there was no desktop icon and the previous version was still intact. I ran the .exe from program files and it started to load, but it froze when it got to modules and windows shut it down. I noticed it has a new feature for adding Python scripts. Obviously I would need Python installed on my pc to use the feature, but do I need it for GIMP to install correctly? Thanks for helping.

Hi there Seeker769. I have an Asus K50 AF, with Win7 64 bit home premium.
And I downloaded the 2.6.12 and 2.8.2 installers from the homepage, in the downloads section. And I have never really had any problems, with any of the Gimps so far.
I have the same slow start up time problem as you. I read that is some sort of glitch in Gimp. But after Gimp loads, close it, and restart Gimp, and it will load much faster.

I have never used the 64 bit versions yet. But the installers at the Gimp downloads section, that have the words at the side saying...... "Installer for Windows XP SP3 or later." Work well on my Win 7 64 bit Home Premium.

What I noticed with software, is that sometimes it is not always a good idea, on some PC's, to download a version that is built for same OS version. eg. You have Win 7 64 you download.....Gimp 64 bit version.
If there is a version that works in XP or higher, it may work better in Win 7, than the Win 7 64 bit version. And less problems for you too.

Also when installing Gimp, Blender or other software, make sure your Antivirus guard is off. Otherwise it may slow down the install and attack the program.

I didn't get any desktop icon when I installed 2.8.2. Weird. Hmmmmmmmmmm........

Also if you install any 2.8 version, it automatically removes 2.6 versions. I already had this happen to me twice in a row.

Hope that helps you. Bye.

I've been running Gimp 2.8.10 on my machine(Dell T1600, xeon processor, 8GB memory) almost since it came out with no issues at all. Hope that helps.

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