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I downloaded the feca-hdr script or plugin last night and I have been trying and trying how to figure out how to use it. I re-installed GIMP with Python so I could use the .py files but I still don't know where I'm supposed to put the file or how to access it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


you have to put in a plugin (NOT script) folder. On windows is not needed "to make script executable" but that is needed with Linux You access it from the gimp menu, where in the menu depend from the author's chose but you may found it opening the script with something as the notepad (no Word or alike, but the simple notepad) Close to the beginning or the end of the script you will see a path something like >imagine<_Filters/whatever/Fc_hdr ... that indicate the menu location (in the example "Image Window"-Filters menu/"Whatever" submenu/ Fc-hdr You may even edit that line to change place in the menu if you wish
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