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Iwarp - Come On Guys!

I've been using Gimp for ages and love it to death! The lack of proper preview zoom on the Iwarp plugin is pretty ridiculous! Further, all the suggested work arounds are convoluted and really not touching on the core issue here.

This is probably the one Plugin that absolutely needs a zoom function. Is it that hard to develop it with that?

I'm looking for a solution that I can administer now instead of waiting for the Gimp Dev Team to address it.


1. Can I alter the script coding of the standard Iwarp Tool to allow Zooming?
If so, are their any Tutorials on that and what are the links?

2. Can I add Photoshop's Liquify Plugin to Gimp?
If so, where can I download it from?

Sorry for coming off gruff but it's the Marine in me...I mean no harm :-)

You may get a gigantic preview in Iwrarp
move the plugin on top left corner of the screen
pass the mouse on the lower plugin edge

as soon mouse pointer change in a sort of double arrow drag the plugin edge to the button of the screen

And joy till now, preview will remain microscopic !

BUT now repeat on the right plugin edge, drag to the right as far you can...and enjoy the result!

PS this on WINDOWS, on linux you may simple use the maximize button: maximize the plugin maximize the preview in MOST of gimp plugin

You may also increase the preview by simply selecting the area you wish to warp then execute Iwarp. This will result in a very detailed preview.

making a selection and then previewing in IWARP works excellent. =)

Yeah I've done that and actually in previous versions that kinda worked...drag the window and hit refresh.

I would also the select tool and then in Iwarp the area selected would be slightly bigger than it would if I had the whole image in preview.

Seems now though that both techniques only show the image at 100% which for many of the photos I'm working on doesn't give me enough of a zoom. I need to zoom to 200+ usually.


wait a moment...i didn't notice you ask for a preview at more then 1:1 , not sure if will possible

better work on big original do the editing and then scale as needed.

In other words never scale down from original RAW image size till you finish all edit of your photos

And since scaling down is a destructive process you may need to use after the unsharp mask filter on the scaled down version

Gimp 2.6.7
It seems to be the case with most if not all filters.
The largest the preview can be is 100% scale of the image.

yes preview may be very big but 100% zooms seems the limit for most your more then a bug report may be a enhancement request

have a look to my previous and now edited message

I haven't been able to get Liquify to work with Gimp, but I found this nifty little plugin which seems decent. The preview is pretty wonky, but it does have some uses.

(You'll need to install the Photoshop plugin in order to make it work.)

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