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Guillotine into Layers

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Short description:,
The Guillotine-into-Layers plug-in is a variation on the Guillotine plug-in by Adam D. Moss. It is intended to address a shortcoming of the original: Too many windows opened! There is, however, a trade-off.

The Guillotine-into-Layers plug-in slices the original image along guides just as does the standard Guillotine plug-in; however, instead of spawning many new images - which clutter the desktop and bog down the processor, this plug-in makes only one new image with multiple layers - one layer for each rectangular region. The user can then selectively copy a single layer from this new image, and paste it as a new image, giving the user greater control. Furthermore, the new image is named with the *.xcf file suffix. That way, if the user needs to stop processing the layers of the new image before s/he is done, then s/he can simply save the new image in the GIMP's native format - which preserves multiple layers.

The trade-off:
When the original Guillotine plug-in slices an image, each new image has the same number of layers as the original, each copied from the same rectangular region. On the other hand, the Guillotine-into-Layers plug-in performs a copy-visible-layers action over each region to produce a new layer for the resulting image - implicitly merging the original layers.

Update 2009-11-8:
The second package - v.0.1.1 - contains an executable compiled for Windows platform and French translations - both from samj. See:

Update 2011-03-02:
The third package - v.0.1.2 - includes German translations from Avarra64. Otherwise, it is identical to the previous package. Vielen Dank, Avarra!

Note: Internationalization 2011-03-02:
If you are attempting to install this package in a language other than English (French or German as of now), I just discovered that I left out a key piece of information...
In the C header file "src/plugin-intl.h", line 40 reads:
#define LOCALEDIR "/usr/share/locale"
The macro LOCALEDIR is is supposed to be the directory where your system stores all available translated texts for all installed applications. I am using Slackware Linux, for which this macro is accurate. You might need to edit this line in order for your installation to be successful. (The file is read-only by default, so in this case, you'll have to change its permissions.)

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Code License: 


Hi, schumaml!

If you contact me with the instructions necessary to compile and install the original guillotine-into-layers on a Windows platform, then I will repackage the plug-in with that information and replace it! I would certainly prefer that over simply providing the pre-compiled binary for the lowest common denominator. After that, when I re-release the package, it will be compressed as a .zip file.


Building instruction (for GIMP, but that doesn't really matter) are available at

Currently the wiki is offline, but when it is back you could get the guide from there and include it in the packages.


does it work for you?
it works well.


you please provide a French translation file (fr.po)?

#: ../src/guillotine_into_layers.h:37
#: Blurb: Brief description
msgid "Slice visible contents of image along guides into layers of a new image"
msgstr "Découpe les contenus visibles définis par des guides en calques dans une nouvelle image"

#: ../src/guillotine_into_layers.h:38
#: Help Paragraph: Detailed description as it appears in the plug-in browser
msgid ""
"Guillotine-into-Layers is a variation on the standard plug-in Guillotine. "
"This plug-in creates a new image with a number of layers - one for each "
"rectangular region defined by the guides and edges of the original image. "
"The visible contents of each rectangular region are copied, and then pasted "
"as a unique layer of the new image. The new image derives its name from "
"that of the original. It is given the suffix '*.xcf' so that it can be "
"readily saved in a format which preserves multiple layers. The original "
"image is unaffected."
msgstr ""
"Guillotine-into-Layers est une variation du greffon Guillotine. "
"Ce greffon crée une nouvelle image avec calques - un calque pour chaque "
"région rectangulaire définie par les guides sur l'image d'origine. "
"La partie visible de chaque région est copiée et passée "
"comme un calque unique sur la nouvelle image. Le nom de la nouvelle image provient "
"de l'image d'origine. Le suffixe '.xcf' permet "
"de sauvegarder l'image dans un format qui préserve les calques. L'original "
"n'est pas affecté. "

#: ../src/guillotine_into_layers.h:39
#: Author Name:
msgid "Randall Sawyer"
msgstr "Randall Sawyer"

#: ../src/guillotine_into_layers.h:40
#: Copyright Declaration:
msgid "Copyright (C) 2009 Randall Sawyer"
msgstr "Copyright (C) 2009 Randall Sawyer"

#: ../src/guillotine_into_layers.h:42
#: Menu Item Label: Label by which the user chooses this tool
msgid "Guillotine into layers"
msgstr "Guillotine into layers"

#: ../src/guillotine_into_layers.h:44
#: Error message: New image is created, but it is missing layers
msgid "warning: Failed to create at least one expected layer"
msgstr "avertissement: Impossibilité de créer au moins un calque comme prévu"

#: ../src/guillotine_into_layers.h:45
#: Error message: No new image was created
msgid "error: Unable to create new image"
msgstr "erreur : Impossible de créer une nouvelle image"

#: ../src/guillotine_into_layers.h:47
#: Root name for a new image:
msgid "Untitled"
msgstr "Untitled"

#: ../src/guillotine_into_layers.h:48
#: What the plug-in has done with the image:
msgid "sliced_into"
msgstr "sliced_into"

#: ../src/guillotine_into_layers.h:49
#: Plural of noun 'layer':
msgid "layers"
msgstr "layers"

#: ../src/guillotine_into_layers.h:50
#: Singular of noun 'region' - refers to rectangular region:
msgid "Region"
msgstr "Région"


you please provide the compiler code (Makefile?) for installing this plug-in on a Windows platform?
It's not necessary on a Windows platform (There is no change in your source code).


I have updated this plug-in package: It now contains samj's French translation, the Windows executable, and instructions for installing on a Windows platform. I have made it available as an alternative attachment: 'guillotine-into-layers-0.1.1.tar.gz'. ( See top. )

Merci, samj!


If contain the Windows binary a zip would be a better chose then

In Windows zip could be opened on the fly, with no need of additional software (at least in XP, Vista and 7 ) but not

Also will make more clear at first glance wich is the Windows version, ( Win users are familiar with zip, and may believe for source code and linux binary

Even if is easy open with something as 7zip

Hi, PhotoComiX!

The next time I re-release this package, it will be as a .zip file, per your request. However, not until I get some assistance with compile-and-install instructions for the Windows platform. (See my response to schumaml above.)


i saw

to run on win only move the exe exe file in a gimp plugin folder seems needed

(In this case the plugin doesn't require extra libraries )

Obviously a README.txt files is very not forget the .txt extension or many will report problem to read the file or simply will give up.

Windows users that may need the source code, in my opinion, will have no problem to get it by the link in the Readme.txt files...for the others may be just confusing a extra folder full of exotic files of no any practical use and that not average user may open...something confusing not a advantage

Who want and is able to compile in Windows just need the link for the project and source code...and here a hyperlink may be better then files because will link to the updated version

Many for windows binary just provide a exe without any note, idislike that , a short and clear README.txt with a how to install and use+ link to the project and the source code is always welcome

But confuse Windows users with extra folders, full of files that a average windows users will be never able to open,.if not after a lot of Googling. (as example INSTALL or MAKE and all others files with no extension) is really not needed

For windows the .exe and a clear READ_ME_HOW_INSTALL_USE.txt is all what is needed, more just would confuse

Of course the link for the source code should be not missed in that READ_ME_HOW_INSTALL_USE,txt

Windows users that may need the source code, in my opinion, will have no problem to get it by the link in the Readme.txt files...for the others may be just confusing a extra folder full of exotic files of no any practical use and that not average user may open...something confusing not a advantage

The provider of the package may be providing the source code within the package so that his GPL3 license obligations are fully met at the time the binary is provided. If only the binary is provided, the distributor is required for three years to, upon request, provide the source code to anyone having a copy of the binary.

So if as example the source was uploaded here, on the plugin page , we may suppose that will remain available for at least 3 years ?

The source ode as a fact is even stripped away from the packages of most linux distro, why we should be more rigorous for the Windows versions?


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