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New user, trying to install GAP on Linux machine at work


I have been unsuccessful in getting GAP to properly install on my Linux computer at work. I've downloaded the tar file and copied it to two different directories in an attempt to get the program to install. I've copied it to /usr/share/Gimp and /usr/share/Gimp/2.0. (Since I am not at work I don't recall the exact path).

I then ran ./configure. After downloading GCC the program appeared to install fine.

I just downloaded Fedora 9 which had GIMP 2.4.6. I then downloaded the latest GAP tar file form

Can someone please assist with installation instructions in Linux?



I saw that link before, but never installed the xvidcore. I to anyone else who reviews this forum I installed the tar.bz2 file in /usr/share/gimp/2.0 directory. Then it's simply a matter of untarring the file. Locate the configure file and typing ./configure in that directory. Then if you have everything installed type "make". Then "make install".

When I opened up GIMP I had the Video toolbar.

Shortly you need the dev packages of gimp and its library to compile, that solve here more (and if not in half you may ask there more details)
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