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New User needing help with Plugins

Hi. I'm really new to GIMP and I'm very confused about Plugins. I was trying to generate a 3-dimensional text logo, and I realized I needed a plugin. Where do I find plug-ins and how do I download them?

Easy reply to first question :obviously you may found some plugins for gimp here about how to download: you download plugins or scripts as any other kind of files by clicking the download link more exactly in windows usually you may double click on the download link or RIGHT click and chose from menu that will pop out "save target as" and chose where

I don't see a download link - for example, I'm looking at Filtered BW and don't see a way to download it. I'm sorry to ask, but am I missing something?

I was able to download a plugin filter but I'm not sure where to put it?

1 if you do not see a download link you may see a "attachment" ,click there to download 2 put your filter script or whatever in a folder where you like then start gimp. go in Toolbox/File/preference/folder/ plugin (plugin for plugins, script for scripts, brush for brushes...) click New folder icon there and use the search button to find that folder.
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