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Wacom Bamboo and GIMP

I am running vista with GIMP 2.6 and Wacom Bamboo. When I use the pen to draw/paint/etc. there are two cursors that move at different rates. One appears to do what it should via the pen and shows the brush outline shape, the other is a pointer with icon. When the icon one goes off canvas things get screwed up. Didn't have this problem with Photoshop or Corel? Any ideas?


Have you tried the resetting the controllers in Edit/Preferences/Input Controllers? Read here to see if this helps:

I found this thread as I had the same problem: vista, gimp 2.6.7, wacom bamboo fun A6 size.
All the techie stuff about patches was above my head, tried this in gimp:

edit>preferences>Input Devices
then RESET

Resetting the input controllers didn't work for me but resetting input devices did, hope this helps anybody like myself who finds their way here, thanks for the help

I just got my bamboo and (ofcourse) tried it in gimp. I experienced the exactly same problem as you described (drawing with pen is displaced from displayed cursor).
I fixed it by simply switching to pen-mode.
(Setting the pop-up key on the pen helped alot.)
It seems that when you use the wacom-bamboo pen in mouse mode, it still uses the absolute position it recieves from the tablet for painting while the cursor is moved relatively (like on a laptop - touchstrip).

Hope this helped you too.

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