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Any Great Plugins?

I really wanna get more paintbrush's and plugins that make pictures look... gothic/emo e.g. with filters. I'm using Gimp 2 on windows.

I would also like plugins or advice on how to improve pictures (e.g. taking out unwanted marks, pimples and such) And taking one picture and putting it on another and it actually looking like it fits!!

Thanks, im new to all of this and i'd love to make some good stuff!!


You might want to try for some really cool GIMP brushes, including destinctively goth/emo type, and ones that can be taken out of context when used with the right colors. Click on a thumbnail and download. You may need something to unzip the files. Take the files out and make a new folder in a place you can find, and name it somethnig like gimp brushes. Find the URL of this folder, it'll be something like mydocuments/gimpbruhses . Move the brushes to the new folder. Start up the gimp, go to File>Preferences, and expand the folders division. Click on Brushes, click on the first button, a little piece of paper with a star on it, and enter the folder URL in the box to the right. You can also press the blue browse folder and manually find the folder. Press enter, make sure the new file URL shows up in the box below, and make sure it is checked. Press okay in the Preferences Window, and close down GIMP. When you restart it, the brushes you added should be in the Brushes Dilalog. The only thing you need to watch out for is that every file needs to end in .gbr (Stamp type) or .gih (Animated), because GIMP will not run photoshop or painter brushes. However, several people on dART are translating said brushes into usable GIMP formats I've used this process a BUNCH of times, and I have a very healthy collection of brushes. has a LOT of nice GIMP brushes.
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