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Old User, New Discoveries: Needs help getting more brush tools!

Well, I've always expected there to me more to my Gimp than meets the eye, and apparently there is. My friend posted a tutorial on a different site, and her window had probably hundreds of brushes, but I don't know how to get them. I could really use a hand. ^.^ I suppose I've been doing pretty well for myself so far with all the stuff that I don't have lol. I'd love to have more!! Thanks!



you may get more brush may save what in the gimp clipboard as brush, save imagine or selection as brush just saving as ".gbr" or just search gimp brush on a lot of sides as for example, (or just google for "Gimp brush download") just note that yet (should be fixed soon) you may not tag/categorize brushes, so more brush you have installed more hard is browse the brushes to trace those you may need so you may have hundreds or even thousands of brushes ...but more you get LESS is easy trace the best for the task

^.^ THANKS! lol. I found some great ones if anyone would like to use them as well The is what I downloaded, 1100 awesome brushes. ^.^ This is so awesome thanks, I never imagined I'd get so much lol. Wow for naivety lol. Watch out world lol.
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