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Change in URL usage

Dear Registry Users,

to increase spam detectability and reduce its impact, we have changed the default input format, which affects all new content. Now, you can no longer use "a"-style embedded links, but have to write the URL as-is into the text. It will then be turned into a link automatically. For example:

<a href="">Registry</a> will no longer work, but when you simply write (without a tag), the registry will automatically turn it into a link (as in this example).

I hope this doesn't cause any problems! If it does, please let us know!

Best Regards,


This makes the link buttons of the rich-text editor useless, right?

that is unfortunately correct

... and it looks like this makes some spam undetectable - no link is shown in the final rendering, but they are still contained in the original text.

but then less risk for visitors to be redirected to dangerous sides

BTW yesterday i found a spam message really hard to detect,
Was perfect something as

"...The plugin still work but i made some updates you may download from (Turkish video side no trace of plugin there ).."

were even 40 "no spam" report but was spam

looking better that long thread was a identical message of somebody else posted some months before

the spammer just edited that changing the link

But he had to give the link in plain , and so i noticed because we had a lot of spam from Turkey and that was a Turkish link (with everything but scripts )

As example this message

" You have my respect.
life experience degree "

may well be spam but with the hyperlinks disabled (i suppose "life experience degree " were all hyperlinks ) is not disturbing

And disabled links will not raise the google ranks, so the spammer may found useless further attempts

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