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Cur and ani files on GIMP?

You know the files ani and cur, the mouse picture files, right?
It would be a lot of help if there was a plugin for gimp to make it possible to make them.
You know, you can never trust any program in google that says: "You can make cursor files with me! no spywares!!!!11"


you are lucky (if you still check the topic) You may create cursor with gimp no risk of spyware there is a plgin to create animated cursor (and i suppose not animated cursor )

Woah, thank you a lot! By the way, I'm having problems with the plug-in. I can't save any ani files... I'm using Gimp 2.4.6.... Any help, please?

try to to reply at that link the developer may still check the topic..or if is just a installation problem other may help.
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